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Russiagate and Racism: With no viable policies, Democrats are forced to rely on lies



Russiagate and Racism With not viable policies Democrats are forced to rely on lies

If you’re anything other than a politically aware, moderately intelligent conservative, then you’re the target of the most heinous propaganda and indoctrination campaign in modern American history. It’s a strategy being employed by Democrats and their progressive media lapdogs that combines the jamming techniques of totalitarian regimes like North Korea with the devious tactics of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

They want you to believe Republicans in general and President Trump in particular are racist. It doesn’t matter what he says or does. If he’s doing something that’s associated with minorities, then they’re going to play the race card. The latest example is the unhinged reaction by both leftist politicians and journalists who instantly pulled out the race card because the President Tweeted criticism at an African-American Congressman, Elijah Cummings.

The problem is, there was nothing racist about what the President Tweeted. Nothing. It was an attack on bad policies that have made the city known for its crime, poverty, and government corruption.

The only mention of race was by the Democrats. There was no veiled racism in the Tweet, either. It could have easily been a Tweet about San Francisco when Gavin Newsom was mayor and essentially nothing would have needed to be changed. Calling someone a “bully” for yelling at border patrol agents is not racist. Saying Baltimore is dangerous and dirty is not racist. The only possible claim the Democrats can make that it was racist is because it was directed at a man who happens to be African-American. If the Congressman in the district was white, the Tweet would still stand.

President Trump didn’t see race in this. Only Democratic lawmakers and progressive journalists did.

Look at the news reports on the Tweet and reactions to it. You’d be hard pressed to find a “journalist” willing to acknowledge that the President’s Tweet wasn’t in any way racist. Why? Because it’s part of the strategy being employed by the Democrats. It’s called jamming. By flooding the news reports with various angles pointing towards the President’s Tweet being racist, many Americans (other than the aforementioned politically aware, moderately intelligent conservatives) will have the “racism” tag attached to the President. This is why everything he does now and for the foreseeable future will be depicted using variations of the term, “Racism.”

If you repeat a lie loudly and often, it sticks.

This is the gameplan for Democrats. No matter what the circumstances are, they will call the President a racist because they believe the American people are too uninformed and illiterate to read what the President actually said or come to their own conclusions. It’s a dirty trick, but it can work. The President used it to his advantage during the 2016 campaign with the narrative of “Lying Ted” regarding Senator Ted Cruz. Now, the Democrats are trying the same technique, taking a repugnant character trait and attaching it to the President at every turn.

Here’s the thing. It will only work if the American people lower themselves to the expectations of the Democrats. If we truly are too misinformed by the media to make our own decisions or not intelligent enough to recognize the difference between criticism of a minority and racism, then this technique can work.

Even the President had to call out the lie for what it is.

The problem the Democrats have is reality doesn’t match their narrative. If the President is racist, why is minority unemployment at an all-time low? Why did he date an African-American woman for two years? Why are Democrats pointing to Tweets like the one engulfed in controversy instead of finding actual instances of racism?

The answer is simple: They have nothing else. The President’s policies are working. The only ones that aren’t are the ones being blocked by Democrats in Congress or activist judges. But the party that wants socialized medicine, abortions on-demand at every stage of a baby’s life, and a focus on the environment above all other considerations doesn’t have a policy proposal the majority of Americans want enacted. Therefore, they play the race card.

Between Russiagate and false cries of racism, it’s clear the Democrats want to win through lies. They can’t fight a substantive battle because things really are improving under President Trump. All they have are subpoenas and the race card.

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