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Massive radical Muslim attack leaves 65 dead. Media yawns.



Massive radical Muslim attack leaves 65 dead Media yawns

There are very few instances when I must rely on Al Jazeera to find information on a story. They are generally anti-American in their subtle condemnation of all things patriotic. Meanwhile, they promote some of the most dangerous regimes in the Middle East. But when it comes to coverage of Islamic terrorism in Africa, legacy media in the United States just doesn’t take much interest.

Imagine if a terrorist group killed 65 mourners from a funeral in the United States, Australia, Russia, or anywhere in Europe. There would be an international outcry… in fact, there have been such instances that drew attention from domestic news agencies for weeks. But such a story was buried in the news cycle below pseudo-racist Tweets and protests in Moscow. Why? Because it happened in Borno, Nigeria, where news stories simply aren’t newsworthy regardless of how heinous the action.

It’s as if American news outlets simply don’t care about terrorism if it’s in Africa.

Nigeria: Death toll in Boko Haram funeral attack rises to 65

An attack this weekend by Boko Haram fighters on a funeral in the northeastern state of Borno in Nigeria has left 65 people dead, almost three times the initial toll, a local official said.

Dozens of more bodies were discovered on Sunday following the assault a day before by gunmen on a village close to the regional capital, Maiduguri.

“It is 65 people dead and 10 injured,” said Muhammed Bulama, the local government chairman.

Bulama added that more than 20 people had died in the initial attack on a funeral gathering. Dozens more were killed as they tried to chase after the attackers.

I refuse to believe Americans generally don’t care of such horrific acts of Islamic terrorism leaving dozens dead just because it happened in Africa. The news media blackout is their choice, not ours.

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