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With 150,000 signature, will any politicians support our Term Limits petition?



With 150000 signature will any politicians support our Term Limits petition

When we initiated the petition calling for term limits on Capitol Hill, we did so with the goal of getting 10,000 signatures. It was slow going at first to the point I wasn’t sure we’d get to 10,000 ever. But something strange happened. It started taking off at around 3,000 signatures and got to 10,000 in less time than it took to get the first 3,000. Then, it rose quickly to 50,000 before hitting 100,000 six weeks ago.

Today, we’re over the 150,000 mark and it shows no signs of slowing. Now’s the time to ask, “Which politicians will support it?

Freshman Representative Denver Riggleman was bringing up term limits in May and June. Senator Ted Cruz and fellow Texan Representative Chip Roy have pushed for it. Freshmen Senators Rick Scott and Mike Braun have legislation ready. Perhaps most importantly, President Trump has indicated support for term limits as part of his efforts to “drain the swamp.”

Now, the people are coming forward to support the cause. It makes sense. Career politicians are such a blight on our way of government. The founding fathers were much more cognizant of risks in government than anyone in our history, but they didn’t anticipate the rise of career politicians in America. They assumed limits to terms would be a detriment that artificially imposed time constraints on people who generally wouldn’t want to serve for extended periods of time. By their reckoning, public service was a calling that would dissipate quickly. Lawmakers would come in, do their job, and then get back to their normal lives. It was one of their few mistakes.

There is no reason for a lawmaker to stay in office for two, three, or more decades. Comfort and complacency are the enemies of progress. The allure of the “DC Country Club” invariably affects everyone given enough time. We need lawmakers who are hungry to make an impact and who hear the clock ticking.

The people are coming forward to support our term limits petition. Which politicians will be bold enough to follow suit and support these efforts?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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