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Conspiracy Theory

Monarch eTNS System: FDA approves ‘mild’ shock treatment for kids with ADHD



As FDA approves mild shock treatment for kids with ADHD alarm bells should be ringing

File this under “Normalizing Insane Practices” in your binder of conspiracy theories that aren’t getting enough attention. Then again, it’s not a theory. This conspiracy is real and for some reason it’s not getting panned by, well, everyone.

The FDA has approved a treatment for ADHD in children that involves putting electrodes on their heads and letting them sleep with mild electric shock pulses coursing through their brain. Despite a mere 4-week trial on 32 children, it was approved to be prescribed by doctors. And this is just one of several alternatives to medication that have been pushed through and approved by the FDA in recent months.

Here’s the sad part. Parents of the 32 children were offered to continue the treatment after the trial. Half refused. Those who accepted were allowed to continue for a full year. Only three did.

But the mystery is deeper. Much deeper.

The folks at Truthstream Media and Dr. Peter Breggin dig into what’s happening with the Monarch eTNS System. Our children rely on parents to make good decisions for them. Any parent of a child with ADHD should see this.

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