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Israel: Iran sends missiles to Hezbollah



Iran lies. They’ve been doing it for decades as they work in the shadows to exploit tension in the Middle East. Among their most common lies is to deny sending weapons and money to their terrorism and military proxies in the region. But as fresh accusations come out of Israel, it seems impossible to deny that Iran is sending missiles to Hezbollah.

In fact, Hezbollah readily admits it.

Speaking at the United Nations today, Israeli Ambassador the United Nations Danny Danon accused Iran of providing missiles that will be pointed at Israel to Hezbollah. They come by sea, air, and land, according to Danon.

One America News details the report and offers further evidence that Iran is, indeed, illegally supplying weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon to be used against Israel in the near future. This is not contested. It’s just an unfortunate fact.

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