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The Democrats’ real Mueller problem: Credibility



The Democrats real Mueller problem Credibility

Robert Mueller was going to take down President Trump, Russia, and the Republican Party.

The Mueller report didn’t do any of that, so Democrats put their eggs in his testimony basket. He was held back by Attorney General William Barr, they said, so all they needed to do was get him in front of Congress and the nation to speak frankly about the Russia investigation. THEN, the Democrats claimed, America would see the truth and Congress would have the green light to do what he wasn’t allowed to do.

That didn’t happen either. Instead, the man the Democrats have been propping up for over two years as the savior for the nation made them look like absolute fools. Even leftist legacy media had to admit in their initial responses that he seemed… off. They’ve since recovered, compared notes, and regrouped behind new narratives to help the Democrats, but the first reactions of CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk were priceless. Some were literally scratching their heads on-air as the Special Counsel didn’t seem to be aware of important details in the report that bares his name.

But it wasn’t just Democrats on Capitol Hill or in newsrooms who were wrong. Progressives across the country have been flaunting Robert Mueller as their ringer, the Superman persona who would finally reveal the truth that they thought they knew all along. They mocked conservatives ceaselessly with Mueller memes, Mueller shirts, and Mueller chants. Conservative actress Kristy Swanson shared images of her neighbor’s home in which the likeness of the left’s messianic figure was displayed to mock her.

Today, the leftist spin is happening. Most are just pretending the Mueller testimony didn’t happen. Some are using it as an excuse to justify impeachment, saying Mueller must have been incompetent or senile or something so Congress has to do what he was unable to do. A majority of the American people were against impeachment before yesterday’s hearings. The Mueller testimony served to reiterate their reasons no matter how unhinged the far-left progressives have become.

Democrats were so far off on Mueller that it draws into question their judgment on just about everything. It’s not like this was something that flew under their radar for the last two-and-a-half years and came up to shock them without warning. This has been their primary, secondary, and tertiary focus. This is what they’ve hung all of their collective hats on. This was supposed to be their moment. Instead, it shows how futile and misguided their efforts have been.

They have a major credibility issue, now. Some would argue they’ve had a credibility issue since Jimmy Carter was president, but this current batch of lawmakers put everything they had into something that failed spectacularly. The last time they did that was in 2016 when every Democrat and most in the media believed Hillary Clinton was the anointed one. Again, they’ve been shown to have no idea what’s really going on, what the people want, or what America needs.

It’s hard to tell which subverted expectation was more crippling to Democrats: the Clinton election debacle or the attempted Mueller cleanup. But their string of embarrassing defeats continues and America is taking notice.

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