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Hollywood defends mediocrity, elitism, with 32 Game of Thrones Emmy nominations



Hollywood defends mediocrity elitism with 32 Game of Thrones Emmy nominations

The only two places where being nominated for something is close enough to winning something are Hollywood and the Democrat Party. With that said the 2019 Emmy nominations came out in strong defense of the final season of Game of Thrones which was the most poorly received season in the show’s run. Despite the petitions and the negative press the final season received, it went on to receive a whopping 32 Emmy nominations, beginning with Outstanding Drama Series.


The first nomination that is strikingly unmerited was Kit Harrington for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, despite an awful performance as Jon Snow. He was best known for recycling the following three lines: “she is my queen.”, “I don’t want it”, and “You are my queen.” There was no noteworthy performance on his part and quite honestly, Kit Harrington should be sent down to the minor leagues of acting to rehabilitate after that performance. Emilia Clarke, despite unprofessionalism of leaving coffee cup on set, narrowly deserves a nomination for the female equivalent for her recitation of Josef Stalin in the show’s final episode.

Game of Thrones has a total of seven nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in between the male and female categories. Deserving are Peter Dinklage for his performance in “The Bells” and perhaps Maisie Williams while she was running through the library of Winterfell in the Battle of Winterfell if we are to judge the best male and female. Lena Headley, despite acting prowess and mastery of the Cersei character, was practically footnote in the final season, hardly having any lines which is a real waste of her talent. The pretentious Sophie Turner received nomination despite having neither performed well nor capturing Sansa Stark as a character. During the course of the season she portrayed at least two different versions of the same character. Gwnedoline Christie was someone else who doesn’t really deserve to be on the list, having the third best performance of the four female nominees.

Carice van Houten was nominated for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series raising concerns as to what the rules actually are. Her character is rooted enough in the plot to question whether she was really a guest. Guest actor/ actress in a drama should be like the patient in House, or the criminal in NCIS, right? I think being in 29 total episodes far exceeds what constitutes a guest appearance.

Bad Writing Nominated

The most egregious nomination was by far Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the final episode, “The Iron Throne.” While the episode was perhaps the most well-written in the final two seasons, it contained glaring writing errors caused by the set up. Quite honestly, the episode was swallowable only because it wasn’t the worst it could have been, ie a Republic ending. And by the final episode people already assumed it would be bad. So, why was it nominated again?

Bad Directing Nominated

Three episodes were nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. “The Iron Throne” is the most deserving of the three. “The Last Stark” was a dog turd of an episode where a dragon got shot down from the sky by a ballista that was behind a rock island but still able to land two bolts in the neck. This episode was poorly written but also poorly shot as shown in the aforementioned example. “The Long Knight” was an abomination from a tactical military perspective, which falls on the Director who spent fifty-five nights shooting something people couldn’t see.

Final Thoughts

After running through all these nominations, the more technical nominations withstanding, most of the ones listed and ranted about are undeserved. When these categories are stacked with multiple nominations, it’s worth wondering how many shows got snubbed, how many actresses overlooked so four Game of Thrones actresses can get nominated based on name ID. The eight season of Game of Thrones was objectively bad and has been set up to be bad for a long time coming but it’s worth wondering whether TV as a whole is so bad the final season still ranks on top. Is compelling and gritty story telling becoming so lost an art? Or is popularity supreme? While being the most watch television phenomenon in an era with so much competition, the series was poorly received in its final seas, most notably for the writing and directing decisions. Yet the poorly written and directed episodes received nomination. This isn’t even a popularity contest. It’s a middle finger to the fans who saw the final (two) season as the garbage that it was for well articulated reasons. They think they know what’s good and we don’t. It’s Hollywood’s latest rejection of meritocracy, rewarding mediocrity for reasons that ultimately culminate into elitism.

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10 reasons Tom Cruise should run for president



10 reasons Tom Cruise should run for president

The satirical video above is not only extremely well produced and quite humorous, but it also brings up a notion that maybe the people should consider. Should Tom Cruise run for President as a Democrat? Absolutely. I don’t care whether he’s a Democrat or not; he seems more like a progressive Libertarian than anything else. But that’s semantics. Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were Democrats earlier in life. Political party isn’t really about anything other than assigning majorities in Congress.

There are actually compelling reasons for the Democrats to draft Cruise to be their candidate. I know what you’re thinking. With a couple hundred candidates already, why do they need another one? Just because they have candidates already doesn’t mean they have any GOOD candidates.

Would Tom Cruise be a good candidate? There’s only one way to find out for sure, but in the meantime we can look at different aspects of his life and compare them to the declared Democratic candidates. Here’s a list of 10 reasons Cruise should run:

  1. Many of the current candidates had to fight for enough attention to get people interested in them running at all. Cruise has never expressed the desire, yet there’s a video and now at least one article telling him to do it.
  2. He does his own stunts. Most Democratic candidates can’t even write their own speeches.
  3. At 57 he looks healthier than Bernie Sanders looked at 37.
  4. Democratic candidates have a problem understanding how the law works. After playing a lawyer, twice, Cruise’s understanding of the law has already surpassed their collective understanding.
  5. Had he been born a few hours later, his birthday would be July 4th. But even if the real world deprived him of his glory, he still starred in the movie Born on the 4th of July.
  6. He was in the military multiple times on tours through Hollywood productions. He has also been a spy, an inspirational speaker, a sports agent, and a smuggler. But if there’s one thing he does regularly, it’s fight to save the world. He’s fought aliens, mummies, terrorists, and even fought vampires… as a vampire.
  7. There has never been a Scientologist president… as far as we know.
  8. He says others are “glib.” Name one candidate who ever says other people are glib.
  9. Unlike Democratic candidates, he has never espoused the desire to institute a variation of socialism in America.
  10. Tom Cruise panders to nobody, ever. Every Democratic candidate panders at any moment an opening presents itself.

Tom Cruise has been needed to save the world on dozens of occasions. Now, the Democrats may need him to come in and save their party from the socialists who are taking it over. If anyone can do it, it’s Tom Cruise. Or Keanu Reeves.

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The Popularity Gospel of Kanye West’s Sunday Service



The Popularity Gospel of Kanye Wests Sunday Service

For months now, Kanye West has rebranded his reputation as a more spiritual musician after comments about being used by Candace Owens. He has launched a series of concerts he calls Sunday Service. But the concerts contain a plethora of gospel music and a number of collaborations. The Sunday Service has been kept under wraps with leaked videos here and there but little is known about how legitimate the faith message is or wants to be. The Sunday Service has garnered criticism for the accompanying high end fashion line with overpriced merchandise. But on a recent Sunday, we got a taste of whether the Gospel is preached at these events with the release of Rich Wilkerson Jr. preached at Sunday Service.

Listening to the Sunday Service, Wilkerson was quick to argue that this was not a concert, this was an “old fashion worship service.” Rather than resembling “Sinners in the Hands of and Angry God,” it came off as a regular, easily digestible, church service. “Praises go up, blessings come down,” Wilkerson said. He goes on to say “Jesus is the anecdote to your trouble.” It was a solid few minutes before Wilkerson read from the Bible. And to my own surprise, he read from John 14.

1″Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. 2In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. 4And you know the way to where I am going.” 5Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” 6Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ESV

Kanye West’s Sunday Service touched on the exclusivity of Jesus. That’s the Gospel right? Not quite. The theme of Rich Wilkerson’s message was “trust in God.” The result of trusting in God, according to his message was rescue from troubles and hardships. The result of trusting in God, according to Wilkerson was reaching your destination or the destination Jesus has in mind for you. Yet in saying, this he does not assert that trusting Jesus is free of hardship. So what is missing from the message? The need. The need for trusting Jesus is entirely subjective and the result is eternal life, he also read John 3:16.

There’s a great resurrection for all of us, as we put our trust in him, he promises to get us to the other side

Popularity Gospel

Rich Wilkerson Jr. leaves out that which Jesus saves us from. He also leaves out what following Jesus, trusting Jesus, looks like. The Popularity Gospel says you are right and Jesus makes you better. It’s less ambitious than its cousin the Prosperity Gospel and the more adherent to scripture than the Social Justice Gospel, also known as Liberation Theology. For instance the Social Justice Gospel would never have touched upon John 14:6 without a pantheistic premise of Jesus. Similarly the Prosperity Gospel seeks to profit from the congregants. The Popularity Gospels is a marriage of the two heresies, but maintains the main commonality between them: they do not preach about sin.

They do not answer the question: what must we do to be saved? Because there is no saving. Rick Wilkerson’s message at Sunday Service doesn’t save because his message wasn’t the actual gospel. The differences are subtle but therein is the danger of a watered down gospel message devoid of the lifesaving meaning. It’s a brand of Christianity that baptizes believers but does not make disciples. Now, the Holy Spirit is capable of saving even using a watered down Gospel, but that believer is most certainly going to have to take it upon themselves to learn the Bible above an elementary level because a church that preaches a Popularity Gospel will not teach Christianity to the masses.

We have a theologically illiterate society and the danger in not understanding salvation is being led astray. People will claim to prophesy, preach, and cast out demons in the name of Jesus, and he will say “I do not know you.”

Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s Background

He was not a random pastor for Kanye to stumble upon. He was the officiant of the West-Kardashian wedding. Wilkerson is the lead pastor at VOUS Church in the Miami, Florida region. A quick visit to VOUS church website leaves the visitor confused as to what they believe. They list seven core values and the first one labeled “Jesus: is our message” is the only theological value they list. The others are all generic, western cultural values derived from scripture.

The purpose of Vous Church is to share the hope of Jesus. Jesus is our message. We are Jesus people, not religious people. Methods will come and go, yet our me3687iiiissage will remain the same.

There is no statement of faith on their website. His church fails the “website test” test astonishingly, and the likely result of his theological value is embrace of antinomianism, a rejection of morality and repentance. And yet a pastor that has no stated doctrinal beliefs, online, masterfully devoids the exclusivity of Jesus of that which we are being saved from. Kanye West’s Sunday Service did not just host some hack motivational speaker. They employed someone who masterfully preaches the false Popularity Gospel.

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Netflix throws $200 Million at bad writers



Netflix throws 200 Million at bad writers

After an earnings report that dropped Netflix stock price down to the low 300s, Netflix has reportedly been in the midst of several bidding wars in the Hollywood equivalent of free agency. In a previous article, it was noted that Netflix was willing to offer Eddie Murphy $70 million dollars for a standup special when the company announced the cancellation of feminist comedy Tuca and Bertie. This announcement also comes after Disney unveiled a bundled package of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ priced specifically to undercut Netflix.

The arms race for original content is well underway, as Netflix knows very well. And while Disney is content to rehash children’s classics like Home Alone and Cheaper by the Dozen, Netflix has reportedly dropped $200 million for an exclusive deal with the showrunners behind HBO’s Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, commonly referred to as D&D.

Perspective – New York Observer

Benioff and Weiss are the latest in an assembly line of splashy talent acquisitions Netflix has made in its never-ending spending spree. They join a current roster that includes Ryan Murphy ($300 million), Shonda Rhimes ($100 million) and Kenya Barris ($100 million)—expensive free agents that Netflix hopes can offset the looming losses of top-watched library programming, such as Friends and The Office. But is it really as simple as swapping X for Y?

Regardless of what you think about the final season of Game of Thrones, Netflix was right to aggressively pursue its creators. But while this deal answers one question about the future of the streamer’s lineup, it may not address the more immediate issue staring Netflix right in the face. Only time will tell if the $200 million investment translates to growing subscriber numbers. But as Andy Dufresne once said, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.”


And while some such as the New York Observer suggest that the high profile names will draw enough buzz to stabilize subscriber numbers, they underestimate just had badly their showrunning for HBO’s Game of Thrones really was. The eighth season of Game of Thrones was overwhelmingly poorly received by the audience. As I note in my column “Why Game of Thrones felt rushed” they are without the excuse of running out of source material to justify their terrible writing decisions.

Their job was to adapt the novels into film, a challenging task. People tend to forget that the first four seasons were based on the first three books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Season five was based on half of book five, A Dance With Dragons. Book four was, with exception to Arya, passed over until season six, where D&D doubled back into A Feast For Crows in a rushed attempt to… I don’t know… fill the time and bring back old characters. D&D essentially followed books 1-3, skipped book four, went to book five, inserted non-existent and forgettable plots(Dorne), then went beyond canon, then rushed through book four, then went back beyond. If Game of Thrones only now feels rushed to you, you have not been paying attention. So what am I saying? Two arguments. One Game of Thrones cut out and deviated so much from the books that they did not have enough plot points to build to a longer series. Second, D&D, instead of writing substitute plot points, they chose to drag out a plot remaining plot but instead of building up to it with actual plot points, the filled the time in-between with fast travel, fan service in the form of plot armor and nostalgia, and contradictory story elements. So, in order to build a non rushed series, we truly have to go back and redo season five onward.

Proponents of this free agent signing overestimate the forgiving nature of the internet and our ever increasing cancel culture. This move has been poorly received by fans who are accurately living up to the mantra “The North Remembers.”

Falling Upwards

If there was ever a sign of elitism, it’s the ability for people who are “inside” to fall upwards. We see this a lot in politics where losing incumbents become lobbyist, and disastrous Presidential candidates become Senators. Hollywood has rejected the audience reception of the final season of Game of Thrones with whopping 32 Emmy Nominations, several of which for writing, directing, and acting were undeserved. It was a stunning display of elitism and Netflix, instead of standing apart, is joining the flock in ignoring the reception that has made D&D the most toxic showrunners in the industry, that dwarfs Rian Johnson and Joss Whedon/Zach Snyder, by dropping nine figures of borrowed money on them. Bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.

It’s amazing how much of an echo chamber Hollywood is in to allow D&D to fail upward to the tune of $200 million.

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