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CNN’s attempt to convince 8-woman panel that Trump is racist goes horribly wrong



The leftist propaganda channel, better known as CNN, has a narrative they want pushed to their dwindling audience. They want all of their viewers to believe that President Trump is clearly racist and the Republican base is behind him all the way. In a way, they accomplished half of their goal, but at a great cost. They pulled together a panel of eight Republican women (six of whom are blond-haired Caucasians) to try to show that the GOP base is a racist institution altogether. It didn’t work.

You see, the Republican women they were trying to paint as racist made some extremely important points. They didn’t come across as unhinged or cult-like in their support. If anything, CNN interrogator Randi Kaye opened the eyes of some of their viewers as to why many Americans categorize the network as “fake news.”

“They hate America,” said Dena Miller, one of the panelists. “If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go.”

Miller was referring to “The Squad” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar – who received a “racist” rebuke from President Trump over the weekend for expressing anti-American views and doing everything they can to convince people the United States is a horrible place to live.

As The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra noted, the “brown-skinned” legal immigrant in the group agreed with the President’s sentiment as well.

Perhaps CNN was expecting these women to say something like, “America-first! Deport all the foreigners! MAGA!” But they didn’t. Their responses were reasonable even when their interrogator tried to convince them using the dictionary that the President was being racist.

Here’s the thing. CNN’s viewers who believe the President is racist already think the GOP is racist. Those who don’t believe it aren’t going to be swayed by this attempted propaganda message. If anything, these women came across as lucid, patriotic, and not racist at all. Their responses were indicative of many Republicans who may consider the President’s choice of words in his Tweet polarizing but not directly racist. They can also understand why he feels that way because, based solely on the anti-American rhetoric The Squad spews forth on a daily basis, they’re pushing for anarchy that will lead to totalitarianism.

If you want to see real racism, let The Squad achieve their goals. America will quickly become as racist as The Squad dreams us to be.

Instead of looking at a Tweet and screaming “racist,” perhaps more Americans should look at the unemployment rates for Hispanics and African-Americans. Both are at record lows. Even if you think the President is racist, his policies and the legislation put forth by Capitol Hill when the GOP was in control have benefited minorities. Nobody accused President Obama of being racist when he helped start the intersectionality trend of today’s political atmosphere, nor when minority unemployment hit long-time highs.

CNN went barking up the wrong tree by trying to convince America-loving women the President is racist. They see the results of low unemployment, increased prosperity, and equal rights for all. All CNN sees is “orange man bad.”

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The false narratives behind Portland’s Antifa versus Proud Boys



The false narratives behind Portlands Antifa versus Proud Boys

Depending on which news outlets you use, there are two primary narratives that are being pushed. Narrative one is, “Far-right group and Antifa clash in Portland.” Narrative two is, “Antifa gets violent. Again.”

The first narrative is what you’ll get from progressive legacy media outlets as they offer cover for the violence being perpetrated almost exclusively by Antifa as they clash with the Proud Boys. The latter is being classified as a “far-right” group, but they’re actually more of an “alt-right” group that does not believe in true conservative principles. Nevertheless, anything “right” is painted by the media as part of the conservative movement, the GOP, and President Trump’s base. This is important to understand because in the narrative the left is painting, their goal is to make the Proud Boys appear to be white supremacist and therefore attached to President Trump because according to their latest agenda, they have to portray him as a racist at every turn.

The second narrative is the reality, and you won’t find it reported this way by many news outlets, even on the right. There’s a disassociation some publications are actively engaged in where they believe reporting that seems to favor the Proud Boys makes the news outlet seem like it’s supporting white supremacy. This is the progressive propaganda machine at work; even conservative journalists are hesitant to lose credibility over perceptions.

Quillette journalist Angy Ngo is reporting live on Twitter. We’ll try to update it as he adds more:

As you can see from Ngo’s reporting, the violence seems to be undertaken exclusively by Antifa. But legacy media will only report it as clashes “between” the two groups and not as violence instigated solely by the side that holds the left’s progressive mantle. All of this is secondary to the overarching narrative they’re driving, that the Proud Boys represent the right and their white supremacy beliefs are defended by the President.

On cue, the President chimed in:

The left pounced, as they’re wont to do, by saying this is evidence the President is sympathetic to the Proud Boys because he singled out Antifa in a “mutual” conflict. What they won’t tell you is Antifa is starting the fights. They’re bringing the weapons. They’re pepper-spraying people. They’re attacking buses. One does not have to believe in the Proud Boys’ rhetoric to realize Antifa is instigating violence here.

As Beth Baumann reported, even journalists are being targeted:

So Much For Being ‘Peaceful’: Antifa Attacks Reporters And Conservatives In Portland (Again)

Not quite seven weeks ago, conservative journalist Andy Ngo was attacked while covering an Antifa protest in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Tom Wheeler ordered police to stand down at the time and received backlash for doing so. The city prepared for the Proud Boys to hold a rally on Saturday, with Antifa showing up to counter protest. Wheeler made it clear that Portland is taking a “zero tolerance” policy during Saturday’s activities.

Despite the warning, Antifa, once again, became violent.

At one point, Antifa protestors had The Washington Examiner‘s Julio Rosas surrounded. They wanted him to report on what was taking place from the other side of the street because he “wasn’t with” them.

Rosas attempted to explain that he was simply reporting on the events for his job but Antifa didn’t care. They thought he was “spying” on them.

The irony in all of this has become a recurring theme between Antifa and their supporters in progressive media and the Democratic Party. They claim Antifa is simply “anti-fascist” while ignoring the fact that they’re the ones using fascism to promote their ideas and to quash opposing ideas. Reports on the ground in Portland demonstrate this clearly.

Here are Rosas’s Twitter reports:

The left’s narratives: (1) Proud Boys and Antifa are equally to blame, (2) Proud Boys are white supremacists while Antifa are anti-fascists, and (3) President Trump support white supremacists. Don’t believe the lies.

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With ‘collusion’ out and ‘racism’ in, legacy media scrambles to write the anti-Trump narrative



With collusion out and racism in legacy media scrambles to write the anti-Trump narrative

There are things that are often so obvious to me, I actually ignore them as stories to consider reporting when in reality they’re big news. It’s part of the myopia journalists often get when their days are spent researching and analyzing a topic so much, we assume certain things are common knowledge when they’re not. Case-in-point: The fact that legacy media establishes narrative plans to achieve goals that promote their agenda.

It took my wife’s aghast response to learning the NY Times was setting up a gameplan to attack President Trump from now until the election. I asked her what she thought newsroom’s did. After all, she knows I used to sit in meetings about how to cover particular topics, and affecting the 2020 election is obviously something newsrooms will try to do. But to her (and probably a lot of our readers), it’s assumed journalists aren’t crafting stories based on a playbook but are simply taking each individual piece of news and spinning it as they see fit.

Nope. That’s not how it works. We’ve seen comical examples of media coordination to push very specific narratives that often match the talking points of Democrats. This isn’t new. It’s as old as journalism itself. Propaganda isn’t a rare occurrence. It’s an ongoing battle to appear to be unbiased while conveying bias subtly. But today, there’s no longer subtly involved. Both progressive and conservative news outlets unabashedly spin stories to suit their agendas.

The latest example came from a leak of a NY Times staff meeting transcript that detailed how the Russian collusion narrative was a dud and they needed to go after the new Trump narrative, that he’s a racist. I saw the story yesterday and myopically assumed, “Duh, it’s obvious. This is a nothingburger.” But as my wife pointed out, there are plenty of people who don’t realize this is how newsrooms in every major outlet operate.

Leaked Transcript Of NYT Staff Meeting Reveals Leadership’s Plan For Reporting On Trump For Next Two Years

As revealed in the leaked transcript, Baquet began the meeting by referencing the paper’s “significant missteps” and then explaining how these “missteps” stem from “something larger”: the paper’s approach to reporting on Trump. “This is a really hard story, newsrooms haven’t confronted one like this since the 1960s,” said Baquet. “It got trickier after [inaudible] … [it] went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character.”

Baquet then admits that the Times had “built our newsroom” around covering the ultimately debunked narrative that Trump “colluded” with Russia. “We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well,” said Baquet in comments highlighted by the Washington Examiner‘s Byron York. “Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.”

As early as it may seem in the election cycle, this is actually crunch-time for journalists with an agenda, which is essentially all of us. The narratives take time to stick, and so if progressive media is going to get enough Americans to believe their racism narrative, they need to be hammering it today and all the way through until the election.

Their plan has three steps:

  1. Paint Trump as a racist
  2. Paint the whole GOP as either racists or enabling racists
  3. Make voters believe that if they vote for Trump and/or Republicans, they’re racists as well

If that sounds familiar, it’s because you’re paying attention as the narrative unfolds before our eyes. They realize the President hasn’t said or done anything that’s racist. They can attach the race card to certain comments he makes, but even then it’s a stretch. But they need to hold this as their message because his policies tell a completely different story. Black and Hispanic-American unemployment numbers are at all-time lows while prosperity is spreading to minorities faster than ever in our history, including (especially) under President Obama.

The left will try to divide us and then claim President Trump is the great divider. They want to draw distinct lines between those who support him and those who may be willing to oppose him. Then, they’ll do everything in their power to pull people on the fence over to their side. What they can’t understand is why things are working, why the economy is humming, and why violence seems to be coming more from the left than the right. That’s not what they expected to happen. Many assumed his presidency would be so bad so quickly, he’d never be allowed to finish his first term. But as it becomes increasingly likely he’ll get a second term, they’re scrambling to derail him.

The progressive narratives in legacy media are 100% intended to subvert the 2020 election and remove President Trump from power. The best thing conservatives can do is continue to point out their complete journalistic hypocrisy.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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As Tlaib’s hypocrisy becomes clear, legacy media buries the story



As Tlaibs hypocrisy becomes clear legacy media buries the story

To paraphrase Keyser Söze in The Usual Suspects, who was paraphrasing Charles Baudelaire, “The greatest trick the Democrats pull is to convince America their hypocrisy doesn’t exist.”

This is why the party whose history and current policies are blatantly racist can claim their opposition is made up of racists. It’s why they claim to be the party of compassion for the defense of illegal immigrants while letting legal immigrants and American citizens suffer at their hands. It’s why they can pass “loving” legislation banning declawing pets shortly after passing legislation legalizing the murder of babies who survive abortions.

Their latest round of hypocrisy comes from Representative Rashida Tlaib who had her bluff called by Israel to allow her to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the West Bank. Her statement explaining why she suddenly backtracked after having her request granted is so full of holes and laden with lies that mainstream media quickly decided to bury the story. It’s gone. The networks quickly stopped covering it. Google News took it off their “Top Stories” section and pushed it off their other sections. You won’t find a mention of it on the homepages of major progressive news outlets. Despite being fresh and important news, it was deemed too hypocritical by the Democrat for legacy media to continue drawing attention to it.

What’s replaced it? Greenland. Apparently, a fanciful notion from the past by the President is such big news, journalists in newsrooms across the nation have been asked to drop whatever they’re doing and learn everything they can about the largest island in the world. Until the next big news rolls around, this is all they have to cover up the sordid tale of Rashida Tlaib’s hypocrisy.

Oh, and the President fat shamed a supporter who wasn’t offended by it. That’s bigger news to legacy media as well.

Google News Rashida Tlaib

Legacy media has two standing orders: (1) Attack Trump and Republicans, and (2) Handle PR for Democrats, especially “The Squad.” This is why it’s so important for patriots to follow and support quality conservative news outlets.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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