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Alexa and other smart devices are creepier than you think



It annoys me when people say their smart devices are only listening to them after they say the “wake word.” If that were true, then they wouldn’t be able to hear the wake word when it was said. No, Alexa, Google Home, and the other “smart speakers” always listening, always recording, and always storing what you say in their vast cloud servers. Moreover, there are teams of people who do nothing but listen to the recordings, and that’s just among the organizations we know for sure are listening. There are likely others, perhaps unbeknownst to Amazon and Google. On the other hand, they’re probably very well aware and complicit.

But the truly scary part is the invasion of privacy millions of people agree to grant to these companies isn’t the worst part of it. Things are getting worse in a hurry as artificial intelligence and big data machine learning are rapidly emerging as the way these technologies will evolve to the point of control we’ve only heard about in science fiction and dystopian warnings. 1984 is much closer than most realize.

The great risks being taken with our future are nicely documented in this Truthstream Media video. After watching this, it would be dumb to embrace the smart speaker revolution that’s happening all around us.

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