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Early NYC ICE raids yield no fruit



Early NYC ICE raids yield no fruit

Reports yesterday coming out of New York City reveal either a very complex plan being used by ICE agents or a woefully inadequate attempt to perform raids on illegal immigrants who have removal orders in place. Apparently, the officers went to apartment buildings without warrants, leaving them ill-prepared for the doors slammed in their faces. The results of this first round of recent raids: zero apprehensions.

We’ll wait for the full details to be released before passing judgment, but I seriously hope this isn’t what we can expect from something many of us have been eagerly hoping for in recent weeks. As our EIC said last week, stop the games and just start deporting. Hopefully, this reported follow is not indicative of what’s to come when the raids start in earnest.

Reports: ICE Fails to Make Arrests in Early New York City Raids

According to the New York Daily News, federal agents conducted the operation in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, where they rang multiple doorbells in an apartment building but later left without taking any illegal aliens into custody. The Wall Street Journal reportsthat agents were turned away because they showed up without warrants. A similar situation occurred in Harlem, the Journal states.

“As they were leaving, we heard them say, ‘We’ll be back,’” one woman from Sunset Park told the Daily News. 

Asked for comment by the Journal, an ICE representative said: “As always, ICE prioritizes the arrest and removal of unlawfully present aliens who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.”

Reports of the attempted raids come one day prior to ICE’s scheduled Sunday roundup of illegal aliens with final deportation orders across at least ten major U.S. cities. On Friday, President Donald Trump confirmed ICE will carry out the raids, saying the operation will center around removing “criminals” from the country.

Assuming Sunday’s raids will bear more fruit, the protests over ICE have ramped up. One man was shot and killed by police after attacking an ICE detention center. No other people were harmed despite the Antifa member using a rifle and incendiary devices in his attack.

Democrats like Ilhan Omar continue to paint this as a race issue. But the fact that most of those who are to be detained and deported are people of color is not the result of racism. Instead, it’s indicative of the vast majority of illegal immigrants. With our porous southern borders and mild asylum rules enticing migrants from Mexico and Central America to cross the border illegally and start a new life in the United States, calling this an issue of racism is an attempt to focus the debate over border security on an irrelevant argument.

Hopefully, other raid attempts will be more successful. We need to send a message to potential migrants that they are not guaranteed free everything if they can take someone’s child and cross the border. That’s not how things should work.

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