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Democrats give tips to migrants on how to avoid ICE deportations



Democrats and progressive activists continue to frame the ICE raids and deportations planned for today as an issue of race. But there’s a problem with this framing, as Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) noted on Fox News yesterday.

These aren’t random minorities targeted because of their skin color. They are people who entered the country illegally and were properly adjudicated to be designated for removal. They had their day in court. Some went and were denied whatever claims they were making. Most just didn’t show up for their hearing. Either way, they had an opportunity to stay in the United States and they failed to meet their obligations.

The ultimate form of immigration virtue signalling today being used by many Democrats is to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation. As our EIC noted last week, they should be charged with a crime. But instead, they’re being heralded as compassionate heroes by the left who views subversion of federal law enforcement and the forced deterioration of law and order as positives. They do not believe in the sovereignty of our nation as they push for open borders and a globalist-controlled United States.

Any Democrat caught aiding and abetting illegal immigrants should be arrested. It’s breaking the law.

If someone helps an American citizen evade law enforcement after committing a crime, that person is arrested and charged. If a Democrat helps an illegal immigrant evade law enforcement, they get praised by the left. It’s insane.

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