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Saikat Chakrabarti: The Green New Deal isn’t about climate change



Saikat Chakrabarti The Green New Deal isnt about climate change

When Americans think of climate change solutions, they think of electric cars, recycling, and renewable energy. This is why when the “Green New Deal” was first announced, it was strikingly apparent that this wasn’t about climate change. One cannot generate a $100 trillion plan for climate change, even if it encompassed the whole world. The cost for implementing changes requested by the Paris climate accords barely broke $3 trillion, and that’s spread out over three decades.

I made the rookie mistake of assuming everyone’s focus would be on the “new deal” aspect of the Green New Deal, and not on the first word. But judging by reactions to a statement made by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, apparently a whole lot of people thought this was an environmental plan.

To say the Green New Deal is about fixing the environment is like saying the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was about helping workers. Just as workers were a means to an end for the Nazis, so too is the environment a means to an end for the holistic, top-down approach to completely transforming America, which is the end goal of the Green New Deal.

Ending climate change is simply a theme of the proposal, and a minor one at that.

The heart of the Green New Deal is an economic upheaval that turns the U.S. government into the primary employer and economic force in the nation. I’m not just talking about increasing the number of government jobs. The Green New Deal would encompass most jobs and put entire industries completely unrelated to climate change under one gigantic Washington DC umbrella.

Those who understand the economy and can do basic math can be shown how impossible their dream really is in the current system. There just isn’t enough money available to accomplish their goals even if you taxed the rich 90% and the middle class 50%. And the Justice Democrats, who are pulling the strings of AOC and her cronies, are very well aware of this. But what they don’t like to note (yet) is their master plan includes a shift to Modern Monetary Theory in which the government prints whatever money is necessary to pay whatever bills arise from their plans.

For now, they’re releasing bits and pieces of their plan to normalize the notions in the collective consciousness.

There is nothing unexpected nor startling about this admission. A plain understanding of the basic tenets of the Green New Deal reveals exactly what Chakrabarti has “suddenly” admitted. But it wasn’t sudden. This has been the plan all along, and while they didn’t spell it out in such terms, their motives and goals are transparent to anyone paying attention.

The reason climate change can be all-encompassing, and therefore the perfect vehicle to drive the economic changes they want, is because it can be correlated to just about every industry. Restaurants serve beef… climate change issue. Many industries require transportation of their products… climate change issue. You business operates out of a building that isn’t powered by solar… climate change issue. The environment blankets everything, literally and figuratively, and therefore offers a path through which the Justice Democrats can justify the government taking over private industries across the board.

Normally, I call on conservatives to help fight a leftist cause. But this time, I can comfortably call on just about every American to do so because I am certain the majority of Americans would not favor the Green New Deal if they understood the implications. Conservative, moderates, and most progressives can agree that we do not want the government in control of nearly every facet of our lives. This isn’t just about a government takeover of industries or an inflation-driving shift to the untenable Modern Monetary Theory. This is about individual freedoms universally loved by Americans being suppressed by a plan that wants equality for everyone other than the elite. Those at the top if the Green New Deal takes effect will have the good life. Everyone else will be granted equality; we’ll be equally miserable under the catastrophic system imposed on us by these radical progressives.

Climate change isn’t even really a backdrop to the Green New Deal. It’s top level doublespeak meant to rally ignorant people into willfully accepting their role as pawns in the most destructive proposal ever put forth to Americans.

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