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Immigration protesters hit Biden. And Obama.



Immigration protesters hit Biden And Obama

When our EIC predicted the left will start going after President Obama soon as being too conservative, it didn’t take long for the prediction to come true. Today, Vice President Biden heard an earful from a far-left immigration activist group that is calling for open borders, no deportations, and no detention of illegal immigrants.

To Biden’s credit, he didn’t back down from the notion of deporting illegal immigrants who commit felonies. But he also noted he would apologize for those who were deported over misdemeanors or if their deportations led to family separation. It was the murky middle between radical progressives and moderate Democratic policies in which Biden has been trying to stay since announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president.

Today, it came to a head at an event in New Hampshire.

Protesters rail against Biden on deportations

Biden has come under fire for the 3 million deportations that occurred under the Obama administration, and Movimiento Cosecha recently held another protest at the former vice president’s campaign headquarters in Philadelphia.

About a dozen protesters surrounded Biden with signs that read “End all detention. End all deportation on Day 1” and “We haven’t forgotten 3 million deportations.”

The activists who interrupted Biden’s community event also introduced him to a Guatemalan man whose brother had been deported under Obama.

But their outrage wasn’t just pointed at Biden. It can’t be, since he was merely Vice President and essentially just an adviser to President Obama on immigration policy. Obama’s DHS deported more illegal immigrants – around three million – than any President before. And current rates for President Trump won’t even come close to matching Obama’s numbers.

It’s no surprise that the radical progressives of the New Democratic Party are turning on the hero of leftists across the nation. Obama may have been radical in the eyes of conservatives, but he’s practically conservative to this new breed of Bernie-worshiping, AOC-following extremists.

They want open borders. They want to make sure anyone who wants to come to America can do so unhindered and without fear of being deported. In other words, they want to abolish our sovereignty and relegate the U.S. to the whims of the world.

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