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In a post-truth America, you’re not even allowed to ask if someone is here legally



In a post-truth America youre not even allowed to ask if someone is here legally

Sovereignty is a funny thing. It’s a concept that can only remain true as long as the people believe it. Once they stop believing they are members of a sovereign nation, the rule of law becomes relative and debatable. The current narrative being pushed by progressives is intended to make this a reality.

Take, for example, the census question about legal status. This is a no-brainer. The left is wont to point out how other nations have socialized medicine or other countries have state-run schools. But just about every other country includes a citizenship question on their census. Why? Because it makes absolute sense.

It made sense in America until President Obama started the national descent into cultural Marxism. His decision to pull the citizenship question didn’t go through all the challenges we’re seeing today as President Trump tries to add it back. There were no complaints about the question in previous censuses that included it. But suddenly, our “modern sensibilities” say that it’s racist or that it unfairly tilts the numbers against Democrats.

It’s not racist. It should not be a deterrent to anyone taking the census regardless of their legal status. Census workers do not give individual data to law enforcement. Census workers cannot arrest illegal immigrants. The notion that this it is somehow racist to want to know how many illegal immigrants are here and where they’re most heavily centered is ludicrous. It’s jamming. It’s the type of notion that can only prevail in a post-truth society.

The President is expected to back down from his call for the question and replace it with other means to estimate the number of illegal immigrants in our country. I hope that’s not the case. I hope he sticks to his guns and makes this happen. But if he doesn’t, it’s imperative that American patriots make this an election issue. If we’re not allowed to know how many people are stealing our sovereignty and spending our tax dollars, then sovereignty becomes a foreign concept.

Update: The President backed down, though it’s not being reported by Fox News as such.

Progressives will do everything they can to give every advantage imaginable to illegal immigrants, even at the cost of American citizens. The fact they’re working so hard to hide even the number of illegal immigrants is telling.

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