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Eric Swalwell drops out



Eric Swalwell may drop out of presidential race today

Update: It’s official. Eric Swalwell has dropped out.

Original Story:

Congressman Eric Swalwell has had an awful lot of attention for someone who has been polling somewhere around none since entering the Democratic presidential nomination race. He has had more national airtime than most candidates, including some who poll much better. But the Congressman’s primary message of gun control has not been a top factor for most Democrats, yielding an irrelevance that could prove educational for other Democrats running.

Speculation is rising that Swalwell may be dropping out of the race today following a late Sunday announcement by his campaign staff that he’s holding a press conference this afternoon. Late notice press conferences rarely mean good news coming from the candidate.

It’s also noteworthy that the Congressman canceled five 4th of July events spread across two days, a sign that either he’s running out of money or the decision had already been made at that point.

According to the East Bay Citizen:

With the benchmark requirements for candidates to appear in the July 30-31 debates significantly increased, the likelihood of Swalwell qualifying was already low. They were further downgraded last week when Montana Gov. Steve Bullock greatly increased his chances of making it to the debate stage.

This news could proceed a the announcement of a new candidate in the race as Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer is expected to throw his billionaire name in the hat on Tuesday.

Eric Swalwell has taken abuse from both the right and the left ever since entering the race. His failed run was a good test to check his political capital for future elections, but in the end it seems he’s still unable to make a splash on the national stage.

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