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Ken Cuccinelli on planned ICE raids: ‘This is what ICE is supposed to do’



It has been conspicuous that the New Democrats have been calling for abolishing ICE. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is tasked with trying to find and deport illegal immigrants with removal orders, among other responsibilities. They do so much more, though, including a recent report I posted in which they helped capture a child molester.

Acting Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services office Ken Cuccinelli went on Fox News to discuss several topics, including the promised ICE raids to capture and deport as many as a million illegal immigrants. This action, delayed following a possible leak by DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan (which he denies), is long overdue. As Cuccinelli notes, this is what ICE is supposed to do. We’re not asking them to grab anyone who looks Hispanic and give them the boot. They are going after people who have broken the law, have been adjudicated, and have orders for removal from the country.

They are a law enforcement agency. All the President is righteously ordering them to do is enforce the law.

Democrats will continue to rail against these actions as inhumane, but they will then willfully ignore every example of criminal illegal immigrants harming American citizens. How does a party that hates America continue to get elected?

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