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Why boycotting Starbucks is the wrong approach to dealing with anti-LEO sentiment



Why boycotting Starbucks is the wrong approach to dealing with anti-LEO sentiment

Twitter has been ablaze for the last few days with calls to boycott two huge companies: Nike and Starbucks. The Nike story started before the 4th of July and is still going strong after they decided to pull apparel that carried the Betsy Ross American flag on it because it was deemed racist by professional social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick. Starbucks made the news yesterday after employees in Arizona asked police officers in the store to leave because customers had complained they didn’t feel safe with them there.

These are two very different stories and should not be viewed in the same ballpark, let alone grouped together as companies deemed boycott-worthy by conservatives. Nike is a joke that made a poor decision as a company to abide by their overzealous and highly privileged spokesperson who is actively trying to pervert history. Starbucks apologized immediately as a company and is trying to make amends with Tempe, Arizona, law enforcement officers and LEOs around the nation.

One is an action by a company. The other was the action of some idiotic store-level employees.

We should boycott Nike into financial oblivion. But we should drink our Starbucks (if you’re into such things) because as a company, they are trying to do the right thing. Does that mean employees can’t be representatives of the company? Of course they can. But the perspectives of these particular representatives is irrelevant, especially since the company immediately acknowledged their actions were wrong.

I’ve long felt the conservative movement lacks the level of passion that activists on the left have. When they boycott a company, they do so wholeheartedly and aggressively. Conservatives tend to not be as vocal with their wallets; how many conservatives still go to the movies knowing full well their dollars are being redirected by the Hollywood progressives directly into the campaign coffers of Democrats? I’ll continue to call for boycotting Hollywood just as one of my writers called for boycotts on Nike. But there’s no need to boycott Starbucks. They didn’t do anything wrong as a company (other than make their coffee weaker recently, but that’s just a rumor).

Conservatives must be selective with our outrage. Directing it at Starbucks for the actions of low-level employees is misguided. We should be directing our outrage at companies that make radical progressive decisions like Nike instead.

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