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Trump on fixing detention centers: ‘Tell them not to come because it’s illegal’



President Trump believes conditions at migrant detention centers aren’t as bad as they’re being portrayed by Democrats or the media. He praised border patrol for doing a great job while working with the limited resources Congress bestows on them, and even offered a solution for migrants if they believe the conditions are as bad as Democrats make them out to be.

“I think they do a great job with those facilities, but you know how it can be taken care of? Number one: Tell them not to come because it’s illegal,” the President said in reply to a question about reports of poor conditions.

He’s absolutely correct. The best way people from Central America and around the world can avoid being “tortured,” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fond of saying, at the migrant detention centers is to not go to them in the first place. There is plenty of potable water in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Why would they choose to come drink out of toilets, as Democrats claim? Could it be because conditions aren’t as bad as they’re being reported? Perhaps thoughts of economic prosperity and the “free” stuff offered by Democrats is worth the torture.

Let’s be clear about one thing: The vast majority of those claiming asylum are economic migrants. They are not truly running from oppression as defined by the United Nations or United States law to qualify for asylum. They are running towards a promise of a better life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to come to America to improve one’s fiscal opportunities, but there is also nothing wrong with America wanting to use a legal system rather than having our sovereignty stolen from us with each illegal border crossing.

Democrats have been ambiguous about their intentions. They desperately want open borders, though they’re unwilling to use that term for now. Instead, they do as their leader, AOC, does: Complain about problems but offer no solutions in hopes the entire immigration system can simply collapse.

She says conditions are terrible, but votes against legislation intended to make conditions better. She doesn’t want conditions better for migrants while they’re detained. She wants them to no longer be detained, period. Couple that perspective with the notion of decriminalizing illegal border crossings and you have open borders whether they’re willing to use that term or not.

Crocodile tears may be standard operating procedure for Democrats when talking about the “concentration camps” at the border, but the President’s message should make them cry real tears because it’s true and the American people know it.

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