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A man named ‘Muslim’ harassed his female employee in Indonesia. She’s in jail. He got promoted.



A man named Muslim harassed his female employee in Indonesia Shes in jail He got promoted

Sexual harassment against an employee in western nations usually leads to a firing and even compensation for the victim. In Indonesia, a sexual harassment victim learned things are very different as she now sits in jail while the man who harassed her received a promotion.

Nuril Maknun, 41, started getting harassed when she took a job at a local high school in 2013. Her principal, a man named “Muslim,” would call her and explicitly ask that the two should have an affair. Her complaints weren’t believed, so she recorded a conversation on the phone where her boss made lewd comments. Now, she’s in jail for distributing obscene material. Her boss received a promotion as compensation for the hardship he had to endure.

You can’t make this up.

Indonesia woman faces jail time for recording boss’ lewd phone call, he is promoted

“Clearly the person has admitted that it was his voice, admitted that he was the one who called me, admitted that he was the one who said things that were inappropriate,” she told the Times. “Why can he just casually walk around, while I, as the victim, am the one being punished?”


This is indefensible in the eyes of western culture. At least it should be. But you will not be hearing this talked about on progressive mainstream media channels, nor will you hear Democrats ponder the human rights violations being perpetrated in Muslim-majority nations like Indonesia. It goes against their narrative to highlight any atrocities that are ever committed by Muslims. They need the perpetual narrative of victimhood to cover all protected classes with the exception of Jews, westernized Asians, or conservatives who happen to belong to any a protected class.

There are plenty of people of the Islamic faith who have embraced western culture. There are many who truly love America and who do their part to keep America great. We must not lump all Muslims into a category just as we cannot lump all who claim to be Christian into a category. People are individuals responsible for their own actions.

With that said, the cultural differences in places like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia should not be dismissed, especially by progressives. Their globalist agenda should demand that injustice carried out in the name of Islam in any nation around the globe should be called out. Instead, they are silent because they don’t truly care about people. They only care about their agenda.


“I, as a woman, should be protected, but then I was the one who became the victim. People should know that when we get harassed, there is no place to take refuge.” – Nuril Maknun

Final Thoughts

There are more than cultural differences between western values and values held in Muslim-majority nations. Yet America’s left continues to embrace these values by clinging onto diversity. If this is diversity that must be embraced, the world is lost.

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