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Following doxxing and death threats, ‘Mini AOC’ deletes social media accounts



Following doxxing and death threats Mini AOC deletes social media accounts

They say the internet has no sense of humor, and progressives in particular take offense to things that should make them laugh. This unfortunate reality appears to be true as the little star of social media fame, “Mini AOC,” has been driven off YouTube, Twitter, and all forms of social media.

According to reports, the family was “doxxed” and the young starlet was receiving death threats, allegedly from fans of the real Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez.

The parody accounts starred a young girl with a striking resemblance to the freshman Congresswoman. In videos and images, she would spoof the Democratic Socialist, giving a hilarious satirical glimpse that apparently hit too close to home for some. The family reported receiving threatening phone calls on their personal phones.

It’s unfortunate that progressives get defensive when conservatives say children should not dance provocatively in drag, but they scream “child abuse” and make death threats when a little girl mocks their socialist queen. We’ll miss you, #MiniAOC.

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