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Iran has likely been beyond uranium limits all along



Iran has likely been beyond uranium limits all along

Today, Iran announced they have suddenly surpassed the 300-kg limit imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal they signed with the United Nations. This comes in response to sanctions further imposed last month by the United States prohibiting Iran from selling oil.

But as EU nations scramble to appease them and American mainstream media points fingers at President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal last year, the obvious question isn’t being asked by anyone. How did they suddenly accumulate more uranium than the deal allowed? They announced plans to enrich beyond the limits just last month. Now, they’ve done it. The assumption that seems to be passing by every willfully ignorant analyst is that they’ve been enriching uranium beyond the limits for a while.

Uranium doesn’t grow on trees and enrichment is not a quick process that suddenly happens when a nation doesn’t get what they want. But as the regime, known for constant lies, spreads this obviously false claim, everyone seems to be buying into it. Why? Because they want to believe everything would have been fine and Iran would be in compliance if President Trump hadn’t pulled out of the deal.

They’re pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, and nobody’s willing to seek the truth.

Iran Says Its Stockpiles Of Enriched Uranium Level Now Exceed Limit In Nuclear Deal

The 300-kg limit was set to perpetually keep Iran about a year away from amassing the material it would need if it wanted to build a nuclear weapon. The country’s leaders have said their nuclear program isn’t meant to produce weapons — but the JCPOA was meant to ensure that doesn’t happen.

By banking low-enriched uranium, Iran is “trying to pressure Europe” to deliver sanctions relief, Brumfiel says.

“Iran is really trying to get Europe to pony up and give them something for staying in the deal,” he adds. “And they’re crossing these limits one at a time, ratcheting up the pressure on the Europeans.”

Soon, we will hear that they have also suddenly gone well beyond the minor enrichment necessary for the nuclear energy program they’re allegedly building, the program that does not require much enrichment at all. Of course, nobody asks why they need at least 9000 known centrifuges to enrich to the 3.67% level for a few hundred kilograms of nuclear fuel. This, too, will be blamed on Trump even though the process to enrich uranium to weapons grade of 90% is the only possible reason to need that many centrifuges.

Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions. Nobody doubts this. What most people don’t realize is that the process of collecting and enriching weapons grade uranium is about a year, so in the best-case-scenario the Iran deal would have delayed their expansion. In the meantime, they were going to continue receiving cash aid and oil revenue that invariably goes to their military, proxies, and terrorist organizations.

The reality of the situation is this: Iran has been lying since before the nuclear deal. They lied during the nuclear deal’s implementation. They continue to lie today. It’s time for the world to pull its collective head out of the sand.

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