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#GoodbyeGoogle: How you can help spread conservatism across America



GoodbyeGoogle How you can help spread conservatism across America

Update: Unfortunately, our efforts to raise money and try other ad networks to supplement the loss of Google failed. We appreciate the donations that came in, but it just wasn’t enough to justify killing off our primary revenue source. Until we have the strength to be more idealistic, realism must prevail.

Original Story:

What Project Veritas and James O’Keefe revealed was the last straw. Google is unabashedly anti-conservative, willing to censor not only those who express pro-American views but those who expose their ideology and actions for what they are. We’re done with them.

Despite being our #1 revenue source, we have officially removed all Google ads from the site. It’s not a whimsical move by any means; Google has been our primary source for revenue and my family’s source of income for some time. But there comes a point when principles demand adherence, and this is it. Now, we’re asking our readers for help.

This endeavor of building a solid conservative, Christian news outlet has been all encompassing in our lives for over a year. I made the commitment to fight leftist media’s lies and bring truthful reporting to the masses, and by God’s grace we’ve been doing very well at reporting the news. But we can do more. America needs to hear the realities that drive our lives.

I am asking our readers to help replace the revenue lost by pulling out of Google. We have always wanted to be completely crowdfunded, but ads have been a necessity. We have replaced Google ads with two ad networks. They do not yield anywhere near the revenue that Google did, which is why we are asking our readers to chip in what they can.

With the funds we receive, we’ll be able to continue exposing the truth about the border crisis. We’ll be able to share a conservative message with the masses that has been shown to resonate well, even among Democrats who have told us we helped them walk away from the party of lies. We’ll strive to identify and promote conservative candidates across the nation at every level of government, from city council races to the President. Most importantly, we’ll fight the propaganda that drives too many narratives. It’s these narratives that make 56% of people support Medicare-for-All until they learn what’s actually in it. We want to keep spreading these truths.

We have two ways for you to support. Our donations page allows us to accept any amounts and gives the option for people to make the donations recurring. We also accept easy PayPal donations. Either way, your support is greatly appreciated.

Lastly, we are seeking financial partners. Those who are interested in investing in the future of conservative news can contact me directly. This is the long-term solution, but in the near-term we need our readers to help keep us moving forward.

Conservatism has always had one distinct advantage over the various progressive ideologies spreading across America. Conservatism has truth on its side. This is why we know we will succeed. Now more than ever, we need real news to prevail.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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