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Winning messages: Border security, healthcare, and the economy



Winning messages Border security healthcare and the economy

Ronald Reagan’s famous near-sweep of the 1984 election was a testament to the success he had in his first term as President. But it was in his message of hope that he was able to capture the votes of so many, including Democrats. We can do the same in the 2020 election if we play the issues correctly.

This should be a no-brainer for Republican election strategists around the country. There are three distinct advantages Republicans have over their Democratic counterparts, especially in national elections. But these same issues can be applied at nearly every level with some creativity and associations. We need these messages to resonate because otherwise, the incessant screams of intersectionality and the constant use of the race/sex/identity card will dominate elections up and down the ticket.

Before we explore these three, let’s discuss issues that should not be hammered. They should be addressed when brought up. They should part of the platform. But they should not be the primary focus. It’s not because they’re not important or that Republicans should shy away from them by any means. It’s that those who make voting decisions based on them are already locked in to vote Republican or Democrat. There’s no need to reiterate them unless the debate is brought up by the left.

And if they do bring it up, Republicans should spank them.

Those issues are abortion, gun control, and education. Pro-abortion people can still vote for Republicans if they hold other issues in higher regard. The same can be said for gun-control advocates. As for education, the push by many Democrats to make higher education “free” and to forgive student loan debt must be redirected to discussions surrounding the economy. Yes, there are people under the burden of student loans who will vote for this one issue alone. We won’t change their votes. It’s a very enticing carrot to essentially promise to wipe away tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. But it’s even more compelling to those not under debt to remind them that the student loan “crisis” is a self-inflicted burden entered through mutual agreement by the student and the loan provider. Forcing American taxpayers to pick up that burden for the sake of Democrats buying votes is an emotion-driving sentiment.

Now that we know what not to focus on, let’s look at the issues that will lead Republicans to victories across the board in 2020 if the message is put out there properly.

Border security

The need to deal with the border crisis is finally hitting the mainstream after months of false talking points that the crisis was manufactured by Trump. Even many Democrats are realizing the crisis is real. They may still be against building the wall or deporting millions of illegal immigrants, but they can’t ignore the masses of migrants crossing the border and demanding benefits.

This is trickier than it appears, though. The Democrats and their mainstream media proxies are spreading a new narrative that reframes the border security issue in terms of a humanitarian crisis. They’re banking on the stupidity of American voters who will see them talking about the humanitarian aspect and think that means they’ll do something about it. Moreover, they’re putting a smokescreen over the reality that this crisis is a direct result of the policies promoted by and in many cases established by the Democrats.

Republicans must hang the border crisis around the necks of Democrats. We can’t take for granted that people will be logical in drawing their conclusions. Then, Republicans must own the solutions to the humanitarian aspect of the crisis. The Senate must be proactive and introduce legislation that will dramatically improve conditions for migrants. Within this legislation must be border security funding that is designated specifically for cutting off the flow criminal illegal immigrants. There are those who want to be caught and those who do not. We must focus on both issues simultaneously.

Lastly and most importantly, the GOP must introduce changes to the asylum rules. They need a better solution that can be sold to the American people and that is then blocked by the Democrats. If the message truly resonates, then the Democrats will be forced to act. If it resonates well but not enough to force the Democrats to change their stance, then they’ll block the legislation and prompt voters to eject them in 2020. Either way, it’s a win-win.


Depending on which Democrat gets the nomination, Republicans will have an easy or a hard road ahead when it comes to healthcare. If one of the radical progressives pushing Medicare-for-All wins the nomination, the message is simple. Those such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to force 150-million Americans to be removed from their current health insurance plan and replace it with one run solely by the government. This is an unpopular solution and the GOP must not let the buzz about Medicare-for-All pull ahead of them. It’s easy to tell people their healthcare will be free. It’s harder to make them realize the true cost of “free” and the detriment it will have on the quality of healthcare in America.

If one of the more “pragmatic” Democrats wins the nomination, the message is a bit more convoluted. But it’s still a winner as long as the GOP reforms its stance on healthcare to properly establish an Obamacare replacement plan. As much as I would love to say we need a clean repeal, the opportunity for that message to score properly with the people has passed us by. They should have done it when they had control of the House. Now, they’re faced with the embarrassing reality that the one subject they pushed for the six years leading up to the 2016 election is the thing they absolutely couldn’t get done.

So now we’re stuck with some variation of Obamacare. Call it Trumpcare. Call it McConnellcare. I don’t care what you want to call it, but something firm and popular must be put forth by the GOP as a reason to vote for them instead of whatever path to single-payer the Democrats throw out there.



Whatever lame attempts they made leading up the 2018 midterm elections proved to be meaningless. It’s unfathomable for the nation to be doing so well economically and for the party that made that happen to be spanked so hard in the midterms, but we’re in a very strange political time in our history. Conventional wisdom fails, or Hillary Clinton would be President. Logic has been tossed out the window, or the GOP would still be in control of the House.

We must put forward a message of economic prosperity that the masses can both appreciate and understand. They neither appreciated nor understood the benefit of the tax cuts, so it’s time to push forward even more. They won’t pass with the Democrats in control of the House, but so be it. We’ll get them after the 2020 elections. But they must do an exponentially better job at getting the message to the masses and explaining why these cuts are a huge benefit to everyone from top to bottom. The media framed these as beneficial only to the elite. They did this despite job numbers that are through the roof.

The message needs to be simplified. Democrats want to give you money so they can have an excuse to take more of it through taxes. Republicans want to take less money in the first place. It makes sense to make our economy beholden to the prosperity of the American people instead of one that is subjugated to the will of Washington DC. Healthcare, education, and taxes are three areas the Democrats want to control so they can burden the people in exchange for their pet programs. Why not let the free market and consumer choice carry the burden?

It’s time for the GOP to step out from the talking points of the media and take their message directly to the people. Conservative principles have truth on their side. It’s time for a Reaganesque message of hope to cut through the lies.

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