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Judge Jeanine: Democratic clown car is on its way to nowhere



The Democratic debates were debacles. Both of them. There was so little gleaned from them that could inspire Americans that the only noticeable change in the polls was an intersectionality driven rant by Kamala Harris against Joe Biden that pulled many of his voters her way. Otherwise, the takeaway was every one of them wants to give illegal immigrants free comprehensive health insurance.

This is, hopefully, the wakeup call the Independents needed to stop considering whatever the Democrats are peddling and hop on the Trump Train. The ideas the Democrats are throwing out there now are geared towards attracting far left primary voters. But as our EIC noted earlier, they are not going to do the standard general election push towards the center regardless of who gets nominated. The way the radical progressives have framed this election makes it impossible for the Democratic nominee to be pragmatic.

Judge Jeanine on Fox News noted just how bad things have gotten for the Democratic clown car of candidates. Individually, nobody is stepping up. As a group, they look like fools ill-prepared to take on President Trump in 2020. That doesn’t mean he or we should get complacent by any means. But it’s encouraging to know they aren’t out there throwing up ideas that the American people can embrace.

There is still a whole lot of time and plenty that can happen between now and election day, but it’s comforting to know the Democrats are having a hard time putting out a cohesive message for themselves as individuals, let alone their part.

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