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As Pelosi betrays leftists to pass bipartisan border bill, the battle with AOC officially begins



As Pelosi betrays leftists to pass bipartisan border bill the battle with AOC officially begins

Pundits are hailing the quick retreat by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a sign she succumbed to GOP pressure from the Senate, but her new willingness to reluctantly pass the border funding bill without restrictions came down to two things: pressure from moderates in her own caucus and the political calculation that failing to do so will backfire on the Democrats come election time.

But this strategic retreat will have much deeper and longer-lasting repercussions against Pelosi. Those repercussions will come in the form of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her merry band of radical progressives.

The freshman Congresswoman has been seeking the proper rallying cry to lead the revolt her Justice Democrats handlers have been planning since 2017. This is it. The timing isn’t perfect; the better time to start a revolt would have been after the Democratic presidential candidates had been whittled down to ten or so, but they’re going to take this opportunity and run with it.

For background, the Justice Democrats aren’t out to get more Democrats in power, though that would be a benefit for them if done within the context of their actual goal. They were formed to remove “moderate” Democrats and replace them with radicals. But to them, people like Pelosi, who most consider as leaning more progressive than moderate, are practically right-wingers. Anyone short of a full-blown socialist and social justice warrior who embraces open borders and Modern Monetary Theory is too moderate to the Justice Democrats. In fact, they’re rather hurt the Democratic Party in the short-term as long as they can rebuild it in their image in the long-term.

And with social media and easily manipulated sentiment among voters, “long-term” is still a matter of years, not decades.

So Pelosi’s withdrawal from an untenable position on the border funding bill may make sense to her, the GOP, and a majority of Democrats in the House, but it is pure evil in the minds of the radical progressives. It doesn’t matter to the radicals that if Pelosi stuck to her guns and fought for restrictions in the original House bill, she and the Democratic Party as a whole would be seen as perpetuating the crisis at the border. This would be used against them at the ballot box, especially as the President continues to lay full blame for the crisis on the Democrats obstructing.

In reality, the bipartisan Senate bill is a consolation prize for Democrats. It doesn’t solve problems. It offers a few band-aids to slow the degradation of the situation, but much more needs to be done. It’s ironic that without pressure from the far-left, Pelosi’s original bill would likely have matched the one in the Senate and talking heads would be scrambling to declare who deserves the credit. Now, Pelosi is made to look like the goat and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell looks like a master tactician. Neither is completely true.

There will be a coup attempt soon. It could be in days. It’s more likely to happen in a few months. But before the 2020 elections, the Justice Democrats’ puppets in Congress will lead a revolt against Pelosi. It’s a win-win situation for them. If they succeed, they’ll be flexing their muscles. If they fail, which is likely, it will be the rallying call they need to primary “moderates” and continue to push their extreme agenda.

AOC and the Justice Democrats are ideologues without a care nor a clue. They don’t think or act like politicians. They think and act like activists. Unfortunately, that means as they grow, so too do the chances of America’s fall to socialism.

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