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U.N. Security Council gives Iran a free pass for oil tanker bombing, attack on drone



UN Security Council gives Iran a free pass for oil tanker bombing attack on drone

If the United States or Israel sneezes in the wrong direction, the United Nations is quick to denounce the action as provocative and illegal. But despite overwhelming evidence that Iran not only bombed two tankers earlier this month and shot down a U.S. drone in international airspace, the U.N. gave them a free pass, denouncing the former action without mentioning the nation that perpetrated the acts of terrorism.

As usual, the U.N. will only act boldly against the two nations it generally hates. All other nations, especially Muslim-ruled nations like Iran, have diplomatic immunity granted to them by the U.N.  regardless of their actions.

UN Security Council condemns attacks on oil tankers, but not Iran

The United States had called for the meeting to brief the council on the recent attacks against shipping in the region and last week’s downing of the U.S. Navy drone.

Acting U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Jonathan Cohen told reporters following the meeting that he had briefed the council on information gathered by various U.S. agencies and allies on the recent attacks and said the intelligence gathered pointed directly to Iran.

Cohen called on the global community to rein in Iran’s illegal actions. “The Security Council and all nations should try to imagine the future of global air travel if a country can shoot down an aircraft merely for being in its flight information region. Indeed, we’ve already seen air carriers from around the world avoid Iran’s flight information region as a result.”

This has become standard operating procedure for an organization charged with maintaining world stability, but only acts on it if the wrong nations are involved.

Iran is clearly in the wrong. Video evidence showed them removing the unexploded mine from one of the ships, then lying about it. They “saved” sailors from the ships who were not in danger and detained them without cause. Then, they played games with maps and radar to claim sovereignty over airspace even the United Nations won’t recognize, but because they shot down a U.S. drone and not an aircraft belonging to someone else, the U.N. decided to be as weak as possible with their phony rebuke of nobody in particular.

At what point do we say, “enough is enough”? Why do we continue to participate in and fund an organization that is clearly opposed to us and our allies in Israel? Why do we let them get away with blatant favoring of Islam? We shouldn’t.

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