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Tensions could prompt Iran to wage a cyber attack against US



There is very little chance that Iran could attack the United States in a significant way with weapons. They can hit our assets in the region, as they demonstrated last week with their downing of a drone, but hitting America directly would require either terrorism or cyber-terrorism.

That was the topic of discussion yesterday on Fox News as Dave Weinstein, the former CTO for New Jersey, came on to discuss how Iran could go after us. First, they have the ability to get to private military information through access hacked into individuals’ accounts. Second, they may possess the sophistication to attack our infrastructure, a fear of many in the United States as our aging system does not have the safeguards in place to prevent all catastrophes.

It’s important that the U.S. is attacking as well. Following an aborted military strike on Iran, the White House announced the administration had gone after Iran through cyber-attacks. We must continue down this course and strike their technology hard.

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