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Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation



Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation

The left should be absolutely outraged by implications that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. The notion takes away from arguments that homosexuality and bisexuality are immutable and acceptable for the human race despite biological evidence supporting heterosexuality as the “proper” path.

We can have those debates and there is definitely evidence that many people who are gay were born that way or became gay as a result of conditions in their upbringing that were not extreme. But pedophilia cannot be classified in the same manner. It is an evil within the human mind manifesting in some individuals in perverse ways. Thankfully, some have the ability to deny their perversions, but others allow it to manifest in physical action. This is wrong. It’s a sickness. It’s not a sexual orientation.

But some seem to believe otherwise.

This mentality, once thought anathema in a decent society, is getting wings and changing hearts and minds.

When does the perversion end? At what point is the line drawn and someone says “no more, no further”? I appreciate and love my gay friends. I have no room for compassion given to those who lust after children.

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