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Deportation orders must be enforced or we aren’t a sovereign nation



Deportation orders must be enforced or we arent a sovereign nation

Democrats and the media are licking their lips in anticipation of stories coming out of the illegal immigration industry in America once ICE acts on deportation orders reportedly starting in two weeks after an odd delay, possibly prompted by a leak by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. They’re ready to pounce on the President for enforcing the law.

Take a moment to think about that. The executive branch of the United States of America, tasked with enforcing laws, is about to be hammered by one political party and the mainstream media they control because the President is ordering law enforcement to do their jobs. We can see this as an immigration issue, which it definitely is, but we must also see it as a sovereignty issue. As for the reaction by the left, we need to see this as part of their push to create a post-truth society in America.

Let’s tackle all three aspects of the left’s agenda and the narratives driving it.

An immigration issue

The border crisis is unsustainable. Asylum laws are designed like Swiss cheese. Visa overstays are a joke. And it’s all getting worse, not better.

The one thing the President has unambiguously on his side is the accumulation of millions of removal orders that have been stacking up for years. These orders are acted upon when the adjudicated aliens are easily accessible such as if they’re arrested in non-sanctuary cities, but rarely are there proactive efforts to seek out and find those who have been slated for deportation. It has happened on smaller scales semi-regularly and not just under the Trump administration. An inconvenient fact the left likes to forget is that the Obama administration had raids fairly often as well.

But what the President is pushing for is a massive series of raids. His promise of “millions” of people deported may have been hyperbole to some extent, but ICE and local law enforcement have the capacity to make a dent in the number of people here illegally. If they’re going to keep coming because of asylum laws and other loopholes, then we need to relieve the pressure somehow. The easiest way is to send as many of them back as possible.

A sovereignty issue

There’s a notion that is driving the migrant crisis. People all across the world believe if you can make it onto United States soil and ask for asylum, you will be handed a piece of paper and told to come to a hearing in the future. If you don’t go to that hearing, nothing will happen.

Even though this narrative shouldn’t be real, it actually is. We rarely act on removal orders. And therein lies the biggest draw to America.

We are not viewed as a sovereign nation in practice. Sure, we might claim to be a sovereign nation. Some politicians might make threats. Law enforcement will hand out the aforementioned piece of a paper with a date on it. But as long as they believe they will get away with ignoring the piece of paper, they’re not going to stop coming. They don’t believe we’re REALLY a sovereign nation because sovereign nations defend their borders. Sovereign nations eject illegal immigrants.

Sovereign nations enforce their laws.

Let’s be a sovereign nation, shall we?

A post-truth societal issue

In the world of the hyper-leftists, evil is good and good is evil. Truth is relative to the point that any individual’s personal truth takes precedent over demonstrable reality. That’s the post-truth society we live in, and it’s why the cultural battle over deportations is being won by the progressives.

We’re operating under certain concepts that progressives have pushed and conservatives have failed to rebuke properly. It’s not for lack of trying; I see on Twitter every time a politician calls out the President for going after immigrants that patriots are commenting with the addendum, “illegal immigrants.” But our subtle corrections aren’t winning the battle. They continue to press the notion that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants are the same category of people.

They’re not, but that’s part of living in a post-truth society. Feelings over facts. Personal truths over reality.

Getting the raids going as quickly as possible will force the discussions about the truth. The raids will demonstrate the people being removed from this country have had their day in court even if they weren’t there. This will highlight the fact that these aren’t “deportation squads” but actual law enforcement officers enforcing the law. The people they’re going to deport are people who have broken at least two laws, first by crossing over illegally and then by ignoring their summons to the hearing for the asylum THEY applied for in the first place.

Removal orders might be common today, but they’re not petty. They’re not just handed out willy-nilly. They must be done so through proper judicial authority, either because a case was heard or because the case was never made as illegal immigrants are slated to be removed in absentia.

We NEED these raids so we can fight back against the lies that are driving too many Americans to a frothing apoplectic state.

Final thoughts

The planned ICE raids were the best news we’ve had about the border in a while. The delay is disheartening, but hopefully the deportations will start up in two weeks as promised. Unless, of course, Democrats fix the problem first. They won’t.

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Guns and Crime

Journalist tries to buy a gun at Walmart, learns it’s harder than she thought



Journalist tries to buy a gun at Walmart learns its harder than she thought

Hayley Peterson seems to be an honest journalist. This is rare in the hyper-tribal state of modern media in which news reports almost always push an agenda first, reporting the news second and only as a necessary platform for the aforementioned agenda. With the majority of journalists leaning left, this often means attaching to the Democrats’ agenda on gun control, open borders, and other pressing issues ahead of the 2020 election.

Business Insider, which is rated as “left-center” by Media Bias/Fact Check, has been building a reputation as a reliable news source after spending a few years trying to match Vox and Buzzfeed. Today, their bias is mild and their reporting is usually honest, as is the case with Peterson’s report on buying a firearm from Walmart…

…or at least trying to.

This is an interesting read for those who may be considering purchasing a firearm from Walmart or anywhere else as it highlights a few of the pitfalls that can be avoided. As an expert on Walmart, Peterson has regularly covered their employees’ campaigns to force the retail giant to stop selling firearms altogether, but this was her first foray into trying to actually buy a gun. In short, it’s not as easy as many politicians try to paint it as being with requirements for background checks and necessities for licensed personnel present that we rarely hear about in the media.

I tried to buy a gun at Walmart twice, and roadblocks left me empty-handed both times

I went to Walmart with the intention of buying a gun last week as part of an investigation into the placement, selection, marketing, and security of firearms in Walmart’s stores, and to learn more about the retailer’s processes governing gun sales.

My journey to bring a gun home from Walmart turned out to be far more complicated than I expected.

Business Insider or Haley Peterson could have easily scrapped or reframed the story to perpetuate the trend of “Walmart sell gun bad.” Instead, they delivered an honest, albeit still slightly biased, representation of her experience.

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How many times is the left going to claim the ground is shifting in the gun debate?




How many times is the left going to claim the ground is shifting in the gun debate

While Cory Booker is channeling George Orwell, once again the ground has supposedly shifted on Liberty Control.

Good news, the Left has come up with some ‘new’ memes in their synthesized self-righteous condemnation of Liberty in the midst of a ‘Serious Crisis’. Anyone on social media will recognize this all too familiar pattern that will begin the moment the news breaks of a tragedy they can exploit:

  • The Left will immediately politicize the pain of others – while projecting that on everyone else.
  • ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ are then mercilessly mocked.
  • It will be said that the defenders of Liberty ‘have blood on our hands’.
  • Then the calls to ‘do something!’ – anything, whether it will solve the problem or not.
  • Further restrictions on civil liberties are the made by opportunistic politicians.
  • Demands for laws that already exist on Background checks or Civil commitment.
  • While other Leftists make more demands for gun confiscation.
  • As emotions subside, entreaties for compromise emerge.

This is usually the end stage of the crisis sequence, after all of the juvenile invectives hurled by the Left, after all of the demands that we ‘turn in our guns’, after all of the exposition on how our basic human rights are to be controlled – by them. The national socialist left will realize they won’t be able to bully us into giving up our basic civil liberties. Hence, they will look to exploit something – anything – out of the ‘crisis’, they will try to force us into a compromise whereby they give up nothing and we move down the slippery slope to gun confiscation once more.

Afterwards, any ‘compromises’ or ‘bipartisan’ agreements that restrict the human rights of the innocent will inevitably fail to work. Then when another tragedy takes place the whole sequence begins once again. Existing laws will be ignored in lieu of new laws that do the same thing – while denigrating liberty in the process. This is ‘progress’ to the national socialist Left, seeing each ‘serious crisis’ as an opportunity they can exploit for political gain while never addressing the true causes of these tragedies.

The ‘new’ momentum meme addition to the same old crisis exploitation of the left.

A ‘new’ aspect of the debate has the ground shifting more than the San Andreas Fault. Leftists love their euphemisms, using every kind of synonym for confiscation they can muster. The ground shift meme is no exception, with endless variations that essentially try to exploit the same idea over and over. The problem is that the ground shift meme is only viable once. Then it becomes just one more piece of useless rhetoric thrown out into the ether. The ‘blood on hands’ accusation was the same at one point, now it’s just a pathetic attempt by the left to exploit a crisis they created.

From December 2012 [7 years ago]:

December 17th, 2012

Capitol Hill ground may be shifting on gun control .

New polls suggest elementary school shootings may be changing public opinion.

From last year:

March 1, 2018
Fla. Dem: ‘The ground is really shifting’ on gun control.

Apr 9, 2018
Pa. legislature becomes test bed for shifting sands on gun control.

December 26, 2018
2018 Brought A ‘Tectonic Shift’ In The Gun Control Movement, Advocates Say.

Then this year:

April 24, 2019
Democrats Shed Fear of Gun Control in Momentous Shift Entering 2020 Election.

August 4, 2019
Dayton and El Paso Shift Focus to Gun Control and Racism.

August 20, 2019
The political battle lines on guns are shifting.

It getting to the point that these pieces are merely wishcasting by the Liberty Grabbers hoping to move something that isn’t there.

Cory Booker channeling George Orwell.

It’s one thing to reuse the same meme over and over while trying to pretend it’s brand new, it’s quite another to try and sell socialistic slavery as ‘freedom’. Yes, there is nothing like taking away some people’s basic human rights to make them ‘free’.  In this case it’s everyone’s favorite political ambulance chaser from New Jersey, Cory Booker, trying to sell the idea that fear is supposed to justify the restriction of the common sense civil Liberty of self-defense. Eliminating fear from modern life would of course be impossible and there is no end to the rationalization of government control that could be used with this absurd pretext.

Apparently he thinks that the government and criminals having a monopoly on the use of force will serve to protect liberty because reasons. Since we all know how criminals and governments scrupulously follow the law, he has the perfect solution to the problem. Sadly because of what the left has done to the culture, we are witness to some more of these tragedies. Statistics show that thankfully these are decreasing and there are ways to solve the problem without restricting Liberty.

Unfortunately, the left has a very myopic view of the situation, only seeing opportunities for them to exploit rather than problems to be solved. Perhaps it is time to leave them out of the conversation and consider real reforms that will save lives instead of destroying Liberty.

One final word.

We of the Pro-Liberty Right need to start using one word when it comes to the Authoritarian Socialist Left’s demands that we incrementally give up our common sense human rights. We have compromised over and over without so much as an acknowledgement or thanks from the left, much less any type of compromise on their part.

There are ways to solve this problem without punishing the innocent and confiscating their private property. These need to be considered to solve this societal problem instead of focusing on inanimate objects. As for the Left’s incessant demands that we give up our basic human rights, we only need this one word response: NO!    [Repeat as many times as necessary]

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Guns and Crime

‘Breastfeeding’ illegal alien Maria Domingo-Garcia charged with identity fraud



Breastfeeding illegal alien Maria Domingo-Garcia charged with identity fraud

An illegal immigrant arrested in an early August ICE raid made national news this week when her lawyers claimed she was nursing mother who needed to breastfeed her 4-month-old daughter. But her claims have been contested by ICE as medical examinations show she is not lactating and she answered “no” when initially asked if she was breastfeeding. The narrative was created after the fact, according to ICE, and progressive legacy media pounced on it.

But Maria Domingo-Garcia’s situation is getting worse. She has now been charged with identity fraud stemming from willfully using someone else’s social security number to create a false identity. She is now in the custody of U.S. Marshals while awaiting federal trial.

Legacy media coverage of this story has been shoddy at best. They’re heavily reporting the story from the lawyers for Domingo-Garcia and reporting it as rock-solid evidence. But they’re splashing cold water on statements from Homeland Security that show all indicators point to Domingo-Garcia lying in order to gain her freedom. Considering she (1) Entered the country illegally to begin with, (2) Lied about her identity to illegally acquire documents that allowed her to work, and (3) Didn’t make her claims about breastfeeding until long after she was apprehended, it’s a safer bet that she’s lying, not ICE.

This is all about building a pro-open-borders narrative, and it’s the reason NOQ Report needs help in fighting that narrative. Donations are used to provide and promote truthful pro-American content to the masses. We appreciate every dollar we receive.

As Domingo-Garcia’s lawyers press their story, her family has become the focus of media reports. It tugs on the heartstrings that this mother-of-three is separated from her husband and children, and it’s good that the community and their church have stepped up to help them. But the law is the law, and when you break the law, there are consequences for everyone involved. If identity fraud can be dismissed because the alleged criminal has a family, the law is meaningless.

As the saying goes, if you do the crime, you do the time. If Domingo-Garcia is found guilty of identity fraud, progressive media and Democrats will cry foul because of her family. Would they do the same for an American citizen committing identity fraud?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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