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Deportation orders must be enforced or we aren’t a sovereign nation



Deportation orders must be enforced or we arent a sovereign nation

Democrats and the media are licking their lips in anticipation of stories coming out of the illegal immigration industry in America once ICE acts on deportation orders reportedly starting in two weeks after an odd delay, possibly prompted by a leak by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. They’re ready to pounce on the President for enforcing the law.

Take a moment to think about that. The executive branch of the United States of America, tasked with enforcing laws, is about to be hammered by one political party and the mainstream media they control because the President is ordering law enforcement to do their jobs. We can see this as an immigration issue, which it definitely is, but we must also see it as a sovereignty issue. As for the reaction by the left, we need to see this as part of their push to create a post-truth society in America.

Let’s tackle all three aspects of the left’s agenda and the narratives driving it.

An immigration issue

The border crisis is unsustainable. Asylum laws are designed like Swiss cheese. Visa overstays are a joke. And it’s all getting worse, not better.

The one thing the President has unambiguously on his side is the accumulation of millions of removal orders that have been stacking up for years. These orders are acted upon when the adjudicated aliens are easily accessible such as if they’re arrested in non-sanctuary cities, but rarely are there proactive efforts to seek out and find those who have been slated for deportation. It has happened on smaller scales semi-regularly and not just under the Trump administration. An inconvenient fact the left likes to forget is that the Obama administration had raids fairly often as well.

But what the President is pushing for is a massive series of raids. His promise of “millions” of people deported may have been hyperbole to some extent, but ICE and local law enforcement have the capacity to make a dent in the number of people here illegally. If they’re going to keep coming because of asylum laws and other loopholes, then we need to relieve the pressure somehow. The easiest way is to send as many of them back as possible.

A sovereignty issue

There’s a notion that is driving the migrant crisis. People all across the world believe if you can make it onto United States soil and ask for asylum, you will be handed a piece of paper and told to come to a hearing in the future. If you don’t go to that hearing, nothing will happen.

Even though this narrative shouldn’t be real, it actually is. We rarely act on removal orders. And therein lies the biggest draw to America.

We are not viewed as a sovereign nation in practice. Sure, we might claim to be a sovereign nation. Some politicians might make threats. Law enforcement will hand out the aforementioned piece of a paper with a date on it. But as long as they believe they will get away with ignoring the piece of paper, they’re not going to stop coming. They don’t believe we’re REALLY a sovereign nation because sovereign nations defend their borders. Sovereign nations eject illegal immigrants.

Sovereign nations enforce their laws.

Let’s be a sovereign nation, shall we?

A post-truth societal issue

In the world of the hyper-leftists, evil is good and good is evil. Truth is relative to the point that any individual’s personal truth takes precedent over demonstrable reality. That’s the post-truth society we live in, and it’s why the cultural battle over deportations is being won by the progressives.

We’re operating under certain concepts that progressives have pushed and conservatives have failed to rebuke properly. It’s not for lack of trying; I see on Twitter every time a politician calls out the President for going after immigrants that patriots are commenting with the addendum, “illegal immigrants.” But our subtle corrections aren’t winning the battle. They continue to press the notion that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants are the same category of people.

They’re not, but that’s part of living in a post-truth society. Feelings over facts. Personal truths over reality.

Getting the raids going as quickly as possible will force the discussions about the truth. The raids will demonstrate the people being removed from this country have had their day in court even if they weren’t there. This will highlight the fact that these aren’t “deportation squads” but actual law enforcement officers enforcing the law. The people they’re going to deport are people who have broken at least two laws, first by crossing over illegally and then by ignoring their summons to the hearing for the asylum THEY applied for in the first place.

Removal orders might be common today, but they’re not petty. They’re not just handed out willy-nilly. They must be done so through proper judicial authority, either because a case was heard or because the case was never made as illegal immigrants are slated to be removed in absentia.

We NEED these raids so we can fight back against the lies that are driving too many Americans to a frothing apoplectic state.

Final thoughts

The planned ICE raids were the best news we’ve had about the border in a while. The delay is disheartening, but hopefully the deportations will start up in two weeks as promised. Unless, of course, Democrats fix the problem first. They won’t.

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