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Judge Nicole Gaines-Phelps, sanctuary policies allowed Francisco Carranza-Ramirez to rape disabled woman again



Judge Nicole Gaines-Phelps sanctuary policies allowed Francisco Carranza-Ramirez to rape disabled wo

It was bad enough that Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, 35, only served nine months for raping a disabled woman in a wheelchair. It was even worse that he was released by law enforcement in Washington state despite ICE orders to hold him for deportation. But it is absolutely infuriating that two days after being released to avoid capture by ICE, he went back to the disabled woman he was convicted of raping before and allegedly violently raped her again before disappearing.

What makes it even more infuriating is the judge was well-aware of Carrana-Ramirez’s history and the likelihood he would attack again. But the judge protected him from ICE, empowered him by releasing him unsupervised, and did absolutely nothing to protect his victim. King County Judge Nicole Gaines-Phelps claims her hands were tied because if she put him under supervised probation, he would not have been able to get on a plane to Mexico as he promised.

He didn’t get on a plane to Mexico. Instead, he terrorized his victim again. And the judge sympathizes. She believed the rapist when he said he would get n a plane and never thought perhaps ICE was better suited to make him get on a plane. She took no action to protect the woman he raped. And now, that woman has been raped again in front of her three-year-old child. This is a disgusting miscarriage of justice, but the judge is pointing fingers.

She needs to look in the mirror and decide if she’s truly fit to handle the tremendous responsibility she has. Perhaps it’s difficult to look in that mirror knowing her judgment, which is supposed to be sound since she is a judge, determined the best way to protect a disabled rape victim was to release her rapist and hope he’s a trustworthy gentleman who would get on a plane back to Mexico.

As Washington pushes to give illegal immigrants better rights than American citizens, they do absolutely nothing to help victims of illegal alien violent crimes. An American citizen who rapes a woman would certainly be placed on probation and monitored. But illegal immigrants are granted superior rights because they’re just misunderstood, or something. It’s utterly infuriating.

And Carranza-Ramirez still roams free today.

The VICTIM is supposed to be protected, not the criminal illegal alien. But we live in a post-truth society in which states like Washington and judges like Nicole Gaines Phelps protect criminals more than victims. How can “progressives” endorse this?

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