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Bernie Sanders confirmed the ‘all’ in Medicare-for-All includes illegal immigrants



Some might say this is a no-brainer. He’s been reportedly saying it for at least a couple of years, but hearing it spoken out loud in response to a question makes it solid.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the grandfather of modern Democratic Socialism, has officially declared his Medicare-for-All program, which was reported to cost around $32 trillion over a decade, will include full coverage for illegal immigrants.

Or, as he describes them, “undocumented people.” One has to wonder if the $32 trillion price tag included illegal immigrants in the math. Probably not.

There was one silver lining to the announcement. He admitted something conspicuous.

“I will not deny that every country on earth that has a national healthcare program all have problems. That’s the nature of healthcare and a changing technology.” At least Sanders stumbles upon an honest statement from time to time.

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