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Jim Jordan: People keep asking, ‘When is someone going to jail?’



Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) was on Fox News this morning to discuss the two competing narratives. For Democrats, the questions continue to surround collusion and obstruction despite 22 months, 500 witnesses, and 2600 subpoenas from the Mueller probe that yielded nothing. Meanwhile, Republicans and the DoJ are looking into the origins of the investigation in the first place. Why was it conducted? What prompted it? Why was a presidential candidate spied upon by members of the opposing party under the guise of an FBI investigation?

Jordan noted that when he’s traveling or talking to his constituents in Ohio, the most prominent question he’s asked is, “When is someone going to jail?” It’s a great question. Sure, Peter Strzok and James Comey were fired. Others at the FBI are being looked into. The Obama DoJ has plenty of explaining to do. But nobody’s close to going to jail, as far as we know. Attorney General William Barr seems to be heading towards that conclusion, but so far we haven’t heard much.

There are bigger problems facing Americans that Democrats seem completely unwilling to address. The most obvious, of course, is the border crisis that could be solved in a matter of days if Congress would act accordingly. Instead, they’re hiding behind their political shields and putting up smokescreens of continued investigations, hearings, subpoenas, and contempt votes. It’s distracting the media, who in turn are distracting the American people.

But you can’t hide the obvious in plain site forever. At some point, they’re going to have to either address the issue or explain why they haven’t.

The important takeaway here is that Jim Jordan and his colleagues are seeking the truth. They’re pushing back against the political theater being put on by Democrats. Americans need to remember this in November, 2020.

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