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The Democratic debates just got infinitely more interesting



The Democratic debates just got more interesting

At President Trump’s election kickoff rally last night, he revealed his intention to live tweet the first set of Democratic debates next week. Scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday on NBC, the President’s public display of his observations and musings is sure to cause a stir.

I used to wish that the President would put Twitter down. I no longer really care what or how much he tweets. Somewhere in the process of transitioning from a Never Either voter to a rational human being who supports the President when I agree with him and opposing him when I don’t, his timeline stopped bothering me. I am focused on results and outcomes. I also realize this is one mechanism the President uses to get his message on to legacy media outlets. They actually cover Trump tweets.

So without ever being interviewed, the President’s message gets to the American people on a regular basis. It gets through the way he would like it to be said. To me the obvious goal is to cut through some of the constant negativity you see on CNN and other networks. I am not sure how effective it is, but in the current environment it is one way for him to go head to head with the constantly negative panels and commentators.

In the case of the Democratic debates, I do not think there could be a better use of his Twitter timeline. If he follows through, he has inserted himself on to the stage in a way only he can. If there is one thing the President knows how to do it is troll the media. In this case it is actually a genius move to force his way into a conversation he should be excluded from.  You just know someone at NBC will have to be monitoring his commentary. One has to wonder if his comments will actually make their way into the debate in the form of questions. It will almost certainly be used in post event analysis. He will actually force the media to cover him on the night o a marquee event for the Democrat primary.

The Democratic debates are first chance for the candidates to distinguish them from the very crowded field. Yet you know in the back of their minds they will be wondering if they just earned one of Trump’s caustic nicknames. Or what embarrassing political misstep he may be choosing to point out. Perhaps concerned about what kind of excellent opposition research the GOP has collected on them that the President might choose to share. Maybe even how effective the President might be at calling them out on their hypocrisy, inaction on key issues and positions that don’t align with the majority of Americans.

If I could make a wish, I hope the President is sitting in a recliner, flanked by Mick Mulvaney and Secretary Pompeo and Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAlleenan watching the debates. These fine men armed with reams of data on immigration, foreign policy and the horrific costs of the Democrats pet programs could then dictate the perfect response to be accentuated with the President’s inimitable Trump speak. Debunk that legacy media.

I think I have live tweeted every debate since I joined Twitter. This year I may just sit back and watch the show while the President takes the driver’s seat. And then enjoy listening to the CNN panel whine a convulse while they have to read his real-time responses in their post-debate analysis. The whole idea of watching the debates just got a whole lot more appealing. It also just got a whole lot more entertaining if history is any guide.

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