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Censorship is cowardice



Censorship is cowardice

The Left is losing in the marketplace of ideas. It can only survive by silencing the vastly superior inspirations of Liberty.

There is a reason the social media monopolies have begun censoring free speech in earnest. There is a reason they have begun silencing the Pro-Liberty Right. The Socialist-Left can no longer compete in the marketplace of ideas, so it must silence those with vastly superior concepts of economic Liberty and individual freedom.

The primary cause of censorship by social media monopolies

There are a number of details on the social media monopoly of the Socialist-Left, but these all obscure the real issue at hand. The Socialist-Left has to control free speech because it is an inferior system that depends upon lies in order to survive; this is the reason it must assert this control and who is allowed on their ‘platforms’. Their ideology is built upon a foundation of lies that tend to disintegrate under the full exploration of an open discussion. These are the death throes of late stage socialism, with its failure is manifest to anyone of a logical mindset who soberly considers the facts of the matter.

Therefore, in a desperate attempt to protect its base ideology, the Socialist-Left must do everything that it can to keep up the lies to keep it from crumbling into dust. This includes controlling the language with political correctness edicts as well as censoring speech under the undefinable standards of ‘hate speech’.

The Socialist-Left cannot win in the marketplace of ideas, so it must silence the vastly superior ideas of the Pro-Liberty Right. The Left has to silence the opposition out of cowardice. They would have no need to silence others if their ancient ideas were able to withstand the arguments of open debate

Ancient ideas falsely cast as ‘new’

Newly elected City Council member Candi CdeBaca boldly came out for the long discredited concept of communism, claiming that ‘new’ ideas are needed to replace the prosperity and progress brought forth by Economic Liberty. The only problem is that those ‘New’ ideas are 2,400 years old, expressed in a dialog on the ‘Ideal State’ in Plato’s Republic circa 380 – 350 BC. These same ‘new’ ideas were extensively detailed in Sir Thomas More’s classic work ‘Utopia’ published over 500 years ago in 1516. These ‘new’ ideas have been the basis of experiments in Collectivism for the past 400 years, but somehow they are supposedly ‘New’. Bernie Sanders, the author of additional examples of Orwellian ‘Newspeak’ among others has tried to palm off ideas that are several millennia old as ‘new’ in other cases.

The fundamental lie of the Left: Wealth redistribution depends upon coercion

Wealth redistribution that depends upon coercion is the fundamental tenet of socialism. The Left cannot admit to this basic truth and must hide it at all costs. This coercive requirement of socialism runs counter to human nature and explains why it can never work. This also explains why it needs a monopoly on the use of force as well as being another reason it has to control free speech.

There is a whole constellation of lies to hide socialism’s true character and its horrid track record of 400 years of failure. Many of these try to foster the lie that the failed examples of socialism were something else – usually ascribed using some sort of nonsensical logic that these were somehow ‘right-wing’.

Ideological schemes such as socialism have always been a means by which some obtain power over others while others cynically use it to steal from other people and the reason the Left always has a ready set of lies to hide this fact. But, logic and practical reality tells us that lies eventually catch up to those who incessantly use them to further their socialist national agenda, as is in the present case.

The Takeaway

Consider the implications of the ‘concentration camp’ row in the news. There is a reason why both sides are jumping into the fray that boils down to semantics. The national Socialist Left would like this to redound negatively towards President Trump and the Pro-Liberty Right, with the obvious parallels to one of the biggest lies of the Left that the Nazis weren’t socialists. There is a reason the national socialist media keeps on referring to the ‘Far-Right’ whenever they can.

The Left would love to rewrite historical facts, inverting reality at the same time. They cannot accomplish this if we can refute their assertions with the truth. That is why the Left obsesses over silencing the opposition. Facts, logic and history aren’t kind to their revisionism. It makes little sense in the light of practical reality. They can only win if the argument is only from one side – their side.

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