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AOC offers no solutions and ‘not one dime’ for DHS to fix ‘concentration camps’



AOC offers no solutions and not one dime for DHS to fix concentration camps

Let’s play a quick game of “read between the lines.”

Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez complained about migrant detention centers at the border being “concentration camps.” I disagree, but so be it. Let’s assume the detention centers are inhospitable and even inhumane based on the sheer mass of people coming across the border and filing asylum claims. One would think the solution would be to improve conditions by increasing funding so quality and quantity of housing at the centers across the border can be improved.

But that’s not what AOC wants to happen.

“Not one dime should go to DHS for building these camps as they detain children and families,” she Tweeted.

So, back to reading between the lines…

The current detention centers are insufficient to handle the influx of migrants.

But AOC and the party she now controls won’t vote to fund them at all, let alone giving them sufficient funds to handle the masses.

Therefore, AOC wants migrants to be immediately released into the interior of the United States once they receive their hearing date, which 90% won’t attend anyway.

As AOC takes control of her party, her “leadership” is to recommend not allowing migrants to be detained in “concentration camps” and no funding to improve them. She wants them released without restrictions.

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