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7 reasons Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee



7 reasons Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee

There are those who say the Democratic nomination for president is Joe Biden’s to lose. And he will. As much as I’d love to see the only Democratic candidate who doesn’t want to destroy America become the nominee just in case President Trump loses, it’s becoming increasingly clear he has no real chance.

Why? Because he sounds like the Democrats of 2012, which means he’s completely out of touch with the New Democratic Party being crafted by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Pete Buttigieg.

Here are seven reasons I believe Biden will not only lose the nomination, but will not be among the last two or three standing.

  1. Progressives are splitting the majority polling nods. Don’t be fooled by his frontrunner status. He’s the only non-radical in the top five. Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg represent different aspects of the growing hyper-leftist base of the Democratic Party. When the 15 or so non-factors in the race drop out, their supporters will generally flock to one of the four non-Biden frontrunners.
  2. He doesn’t hate rich people. The New Democratic Party hates rich people even if many of them are among the wealthy. But Biden doesn’t hate them and even said today, “Rich people are just as patriotic as poor people.” Statements like that do not abide by the socialists in the race, nor will it resonate with the increasing number of socialists among Democratic primary voters.
  3. His team can’t protect him from his gaffes forever. His campaign has done and will continue to do everything they can to keep him out of the spotlight, away from questions, and off any radar other than prepared statements and press releases. They can’t afford his gaffes, but he’s going to have to come out at some point. He has to debate. He has to give speeches and answer questions that aren’t always prepared. And when he does, he’s going to deliver gaffes. That’s what he does.
  4. Switching positions will hurt, not help. The Hyde Amendment reversal was just one in a long string of reversals he has made and will make on old policy perspectives. That’s the problem with being a politicians for so many decades. As the party evolves, which it is doing rapidly now, he’s going to have to backtrack on old ideas. But doing so will not help him. In the eyes of voters, especially passionate primary voters, evolution of perspectives is not a positive. It reveals a willingness to do and say things that go with the crowd instead of coming from the gut. It also won’t make the original complainers happy. You won’t see those criticizing him for his initial Hyde Amendment support suddenly promote him after he changed his mind.
  5. He’s an old straight white guy. This isn’t the party for old straight white guys. This also means Sanders is in deep trouble as well.
  6. The Justice Democrats will sink him. They’ve already started going after him with devious ploys. They will continue do everything in their power keep him off the general election ticket. It isn’t just because he isn’t radical enough for them. He represents the old version of the party that the Justice Democrats despise.
  7. He doesn’t really want it. If Biden wanted to be president, he would have run in 2016. Some say he needed a break, but those who truly want something as significant as winning the White House don’t come to that conclusion at 76. It’s part of them. However, they can decide later they no longer want to be president, and I believe that’s where Biden is today. I think he was pushed into running because the alternatives were radicals who will either lose to Trump or fundamentally transform America in a very bad way if they win. But his personal desire doesn’t seem to be there anymore. It was, but that flame is gone.

The coming political death of Joe Biden is the symbolic end of the old Democratic Party, the one that worked with Reagan and Bush, the one that wasn’t comprised of politicians who hate America.

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