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More is never enough: AOC calls Amazon’s $15 per hour minimum wage ‘starvation wages’



More is never enough AOC calls Amazons 15 per hour minimum wage starvation wages

What is the limit to how high many Democratic Socialists like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want the minimum wage to go? More. It doesn’t matter how high it is. They’ll always want it to be higher. Never mind the economic consequences of increased costs. Does anyone really care if her policies would shut down many if not most small businesses? What’s wrong with exponential inflation as a result of devaluing wages by forcing the lowest level employees to make as much or more than skilled employees?

It’s all just details to Democratic Socialists. They want to attack the rich and destroy the poor. At least that’s what their policies would do whether they’re willing to acknowledge it or not.

The latest victim of AOC’s wrath is an old foe: Amazon. She and other socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders have been going after Amazon for a while. The latest insult hurled by the freshman Congresswoman is also an old one, though with new wording. She accused the e-commerce giant of paying their employees “starvation wages.”

Here’s the problem. Amazon has a self-imposed minimum wage of $15, the number Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democrats have tossed out as the value they want for the national minimum wage. Amazon complied, but it wasn’t enough. In fact, they pay many of their workers higher and noted in a statement that they pay more as a starting point for employees in Staten Island near Ocasio-Cortez’s own congressional district.

“These allegations are absurd. Amazon associates receive industry-leading pay starting at $15 an hour – in fact, hourly associates at our Staten Island facility earn between $17.30 and $23 an hour, plus benefits which include comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance. On top of these benefits, Amazon pre-pays 95% of continuing education tuition costs through its Career Choice program for associates who want to pursue in-demand careers. For anyone who wants to know what it’s like to work in an Amazon fulfillment center, sign up for a tour today.”

That’s the thing with Democratic Socialists. Whatever demands anyone meets are yesterday’s demands. If they say they want $15 per hour and that gets delivered, they will not celebrate it as a victory for long. They’ll quickly turn around and demand $20 per hour. Why? Because more is never enough.

More is the starting point for Democratic Socialists. It’s also the middle; those who deliver on the demands of socialists will invariably be told the new demands are more. And more. And more.

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