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Around three dozen people show up to hear Rashida Tlaib talk about impeaching Trump



Around three dozen people show up to hear Rashida Tlaib talk about impeaching Trump

Across the nation, the masses of people calling for impeachment of President Trump rivaled the protests in Hong Kong over the proposed extradition law. Hundreds of police officers in riot gear were forced to take to the streets in every major city as the passionate hordes of people calling for Trump’s impeachment threatened to tear the streets to shreds if they didn’t get their way.

At least, that’s what hoped to see. Instead, the planned huge events were embarrassingly tiny. Held Nationwide ‘#ImpeachTrump’ Rallies Saturday. Not A Lot Of People Showed Up.

MoveOn partnered with around two dozen organizations on the event, including activist group, Indivisible, the national Women’s March, Democracy for America, and CREDO, and looped in celebrities like Chelsea Handler and members of the cast and crew of “Modern Family” to help promote the event. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who is leading the impeachment charge in the House of Represetatives, was among those legislators and high-profile guests invited to speak at the rallies.

But if their intent was to create the impression that hundreds of thousands of Americans stood at the ready to impeach President Donald Trump, the effort failed miserably. Across the country, turnout was sparse, even in dedicated leftist strongholds.

The Detroit event, which was supposed to be one of the biggest, had around three dozen people show up to hear Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) speak about impeaching the President. That didn’t stop one of the organizers from posting a picture on Twitter and calling it a nice turnout.

No, that’s not a nice turnout. That’s shamefully small for a rally that features a member of Congress at an event organized by such a powerful progressive organization.

The Washington Times reports that expected massive turnout at 120 events in cities and towns throughout the country. They were assisted by around two dozen progressive organizations in putting the rallies together.

Meanwhile, mainstream media has been relatively quiet despite having film crews at many of the events that were supposed to be packed. They didn’t want to harm the narrative that Americans want the President impeached even though a majority clearly do not.

The MoveOn impeachment rallies were about as packed as a Beto O’Rourke speaking engagement in a small town coffee shop. The uprising progressives expected simply didn’t materialize. At least the weather was nice.

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