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OTC birth control: An issue radicals on both sides can (almost) agree on



OTC birth control An issue radicals on both sides can almost agree on

There are few issues in which the far-right and far-left normally agree. But one issue in particular makes so much sense, one has to wonder why those in the mushy middle are so opposed to it. The issue is over-the-counter birth control, and the solution is simple: allow it.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are in near-agreement on an issue for the second time in two weeks. Both sides want birth control easily acceptable, and others are joining in on the bipartisanship.

The only issue seems to be cost. Cruz wants a “clean and simple bill” while Democrats are pushing for full funding, either mandated in healthcare plans, cost-subsidized by the government, or both. This is, of course, a huge sticking point as it’s very unlikely many Republicans would vote for subsidies or mandates and it’s unlikely Democrats would vote for a bill that excluded them.

It seems bipartisanship stops at the wallet.

As Beth Baumann noted at Town Hall, this impasse isn’t new.

Republicans introduced a bill back in 2014 that would make birth control available over-the-counter. They didn’t include a provision that required health insurance to cover it though. And that was an issue for Democrats.

Pressley’s bill would make birth control available over-the-counter, without a prescription from a doctor, but there would be a requirement for health insurance to pay for it.

These are two separate issues. Making birth control available over-the-counter should happen with or without the insurance mandate. Then, the can debate funding for birth control in a future healthcare debate. There’s no need to keep it locked behind the counter while politicians debate costs. Availability and cost are completely different aspects that shouldn’t be tied together by artificial bonds.

It’s ironic far-left Democrats are holding birth control access hostage while pushing to add health insurance mandates. One might start wondering if they really care about women’s rights outside of the political implications.

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