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Impeachment is actually about winning the Senate



Impeachment is actually about winning the Senate

One of the prevailing theories we and others have been assuming based on the Democrats’ incessant push for impeachment of President Trump is to act as a smokescreen so the media won’t focus on actual issues such as the border crisis or the investigations into the investigators. Both are much bigger stories, among others, than the continuation of the Russia collusion hoax, but Democrats know their lapdogs in the mainstream media will continuing parroting their talking points.

But there’s another reason they’re not only talking about impeachment, but why the Democrats might actually follow through with their threats. They want to push impeachment proceedings to the Senate where it will almost certainly fail. When it does, this will be the rallying cry the use in Senatorial elections in 2020.

This information comes from an anonymous source, and while I hate using anonymous sources, it seemed too important to pass up.

Are there enough Senate voters who would make their decision next November based on the ability of Congress to go after the President? It seems illogical; a failed impeachment means the chances of putting together a second vote, should the President win reelection, are essentially zero unless they can stir up completely different charges. But it really comes down to perceived protections from the Republican-controlled Senate, protections that the Democrats want to point to as the reason why impeachment will fail.

An impossible scenario could only be used to mislead the masses if they are willfully uninformed. And that’s exactly what Democrats are banking on in 2020.

Editor’s Note: I also hate the use of anonymous sources, but this story has been allowed since it is a theory that doesn’t implicate anyone directly.

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