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A ban on flag-burning opens up a very dangerous can of worms



A ban on flag-burning opens up a very dangerous can of worms

As an American citizen, you have the right to take a knee at sporting events. You have the right to profess adherence to a religion whose leaders want to destroy the United States. You have the right to burn the American flag. Conversely, I have the right to speak out against your actions and to try to convince you to make better choices.

As Allie Beth Stuckey pointed out on Twitter, it sounds awfully patriotic to ban the burning of the American flag. Anyone who disrespects the flag disrespects America, and doing so should not be allowed without consequences. But if we put aside the surface-level anger towards idiots who reveal their idiocy with such actions, we’ll see that the very thing that makes America great is the freedoms we have that the government, through the Constitution, is unable to take from us.

One such freedom is the right to burn the American flag.

The motivations behind every new campaign to ban flag-burning are almost always sincere and patriotic. However, there are inherent risks that come with forcing our patriotic nature on those who take advantage of our freedoms as a platform to spit on them. Keep in mind, they aren’t burning flags in hopes that they’ll always be allowed to do so. They burn flags so patriotic politicians make the mistake of taking away rights of individual Americans. If flag-burning or any other free expression of thought is taken away by law or amendment, others will follow. It’s a can of worms we never want to open.

Those who burn our flag do not care about actually burning it. Doing so doesn’t benefit them. It’s done to enrage patriots, and it works on a regular basis. This is why they keep doing it. And if Washington DC responds by banning it, they will win. That is their ultimate goal – the removal of individual rights as a result of their heinous actions.

We can and should oppose people who disrespect the very nation that allows them to freely disrespect it. But our opposition must not manifest in a way that cuts off our nose to spite our own faces. The freedom to burn the flag is not a a right that exists in a vacuum. If we start suppressing one component of free expression for the sake of appeasing our outrage, we are opening the door for leaders in the future to suppress other components of free expression that patriots would never want suppressed. That’s the nature of suppression.

There would be nothing more appealing to flag-burning, America-hating idiots than for our freedoms to be taken away as a result of their actions. They want flag-burning to be banned. It would help their communist cause.

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