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Matt Walsh defends homemaker who’s getting death threats for being a homemaker



The feminist movement has always been aggressive towards women who choose to live traditional lives with their families. But thanks to the polarized and extreme nature of today’s post-truth society mixed with the vile and anonymous rhetoric on social media, a woman who expresses her pleasure in being a homemaker is certain to trigger many.

In this case, it triggered tens of thousands.

I’m not going to link to the Tweet. This poor woman has gone through enough. But I will highlight Matt Walsh’s response to the death threats she’s been receiving for posting her Tweet. It’s insane.

As Walsh points out, you will get more kudos from today’s post-truth society by declaring you’re a prostitute than declaring you’re a homemaker. People do things for different reasons, and many homemakers who choose to stay home with their families are attacked by a culture that believes these women are part of the alleged problem of toxic masculinity. This is why they attack. They believe that anyone who is taking care of the home is being subjugated, either willingly or not.

Empowerment of the sexes has nothing to do with how one chooses to live their lives. The only empowerment necessary is the right to choose, but the hyper-leftist radical progressives are only okay with people who choose to do the things they want done.

This is one of the most disgusting examples of the real toxicity in American culture today. It’s not about toxic masculinity. It’s about toxic radical progressivism. Those making death threats should be ashamed.

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