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Update: Limpet mines suspected as two oil tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman



Torpedoes suspected as two oil tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman

Update: It is now believe magnetic limpet mines were used in the attacks.

Original Story:

Two oil tankers were attacked by unidentified explosive devices early Thursday near the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman, prompting crews to be evacuated. The attacks come on the heels of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Tehran to try to ease tensions between Iran and the United States.

No word has been released on who perpetrated the attacks, but all eyes are on Iran. They were accused by the United States and others in the international community for four attacks on tankers in the area last month.

Though no word has been released on the nature of the attacks, some have speculated that it could have been torpedoes.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the attacks occurred near an Iranian naval base that has submarines.

The Middle East has always been the flash point of many world events, especially considering its strategic value in the oil trade. Iran’s economy has been failing under crushing American sanctions following President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal with the United Nations.

They’re getting desperate. In a situation like their’s, chaos and instability are often seen as the only recourse. They are not strong enough to sustain a war against the United States, but they could prompt strikes as a result of actions like these, then plead innocent to an international community that loves to condemn the United States whenever an opening arises.

This is not an isolated incident. It’s another example of the passive-aggressive confrontational style of Iran, which likes to keep degrees of separation between them and their handy work. How will the world respond?

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