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How much oppo research did Joe Biden retain from the FBI spying on Trump in 2016?



How much oppo research did Joe Biden retain from the FBI spying on Trump in 2016

There have been plenty of questions asked about who knew what when the Russia election interference revelations were popping up in 2016. Members of the FBI have and currently are being questioned by the DOJ. Former DOJ personnel have been scrutinized to the point that many are hiding away rather than talk to current DOJ investigators. President Obama was made aware at some point that Russia was trying to influence the elections, yet chose to do nothing, at least that his former staff is willing to acknowledge.

Then, there are further questions about the FISA warrants, Steele Dossier, and FBI agents who allegedly used circular reasoning and leaks to the press to “prove” their information was justification for spying on the Trump campaign.

Several investigations are currently underway under the direction of Attorney General William Barr. Speculation has pointed to many names of people who may have known the spying was inappropriate but chose not to stop it, including President Obama himself.

But there’s a name that hasn’t gotten nearly the attention it deserves in the whole Russian hoax. Then-Vice President Joe Biden was likely privy to a great deal of information being gathered through spying on the Trump campaign. This should be a much bigger concern than other angles many in the media are currently exploring.

Does Biden know things about Trump’s campaign infrastructure that a competitor simply shouldn’t know?

The spying done by the Nixon White House was minor compared to the spying done by the FBI under the DOJ as part of the previous White House. It’s not easy to dismiss the notion that the President and possibly his Vice President in 2016 had unfettered access to the data being accumulated, campaign sources uncovered, strategies, weaknesses, fears, and other pertinent information that can be used against someone in their election endeavors. It’s also likely much of what the Trump campaign did in 2016 that proved to be so successful will be used again in 2020.

If Biden and his team have access to this information as gathered while he was in the White House, shouldn’t we be asking him more questions? It would seem to be a very unfair advantage to have FBI-level surveillance and data collecting operations in the hands of a competitor. It’s safe to assume very little if any of the pertinent information was given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign because they didn’t really think she could lose and, of course, there’s always the fact that doing so would have been illegal. But if Biden had access to it, what has he retained? What information does he and his team have that can be used in their 2020 campaign?

The spying that was done on the Trump campaign was exponentially more in-depth than Watergate. How much of the information they gathered made available to the former VP and current Democratic frontrunner?

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