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Christian baker Jack Phillips sued for discrimination for a third time



If at first you don’t succeed, keep harassing until the Christian pays for his religion. That seems to be the mantra in Colorado as baker Jack Phillips and his attorney, Jeremy Tedesco, are being dragged back into court for a third time to defend Phillips’ right to not betray his religious beliefs in order to bake someone’s symbolic cake.

Phillips joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham to give details about his latest legal woes. This time, it’s a civil suit over his unwillingness to help celebrate gender reassignment with a cake that is blue on the outside, pink on the inside.

In our post-truth society, it’s understandable that so many progressives are trying to impose their morality by forcing Christians and conservatives to abandon our values in favor of their “freedoms.” But it really has nothing to do with freedom. This is about autonomy. It goes beyond a post-modern society that does not believe in absolute truth to a post-truth society that believes the only that matters is feelings. Truth is relative to the individual, and if the path to true freedom is the truth, then where is the falseness of autonomy leading our society?

But I digress.

In America, our rights to practice our religion as we see fit as long as doing so does not break the law are built into the foundation of all our freedoms, the Bill of Rights. Attacks on it are attacks on the nation.

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