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Mayoral candidate John Carroll opposes City Council bill to make Honolulu a sanctuary city



Honolulu City Council Bill 31 (2019) introduced by Council Members Carol Fukunaga and Ann Kobayashi would prohibit Honolulu Police Department [HPD] from cooperating with U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP] and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE] to keep our community safe by apprehending illegal aliens. This would reverse long-standing policy wherein HPD has been a strong partner with federal immigration authorities.

Here is the proposed legislation:

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John Carroll wants to stop this bill now. Otherwise he will work to have it revoked or vacated once we elect him as our next Honolulu Mayor.

Here is his official statement which he has just issued:

Public Statement
John Carroll for Honolulu Mayor

“Sanctuary City” efforts nationwide are nothing more than a fraud! They attempt to appear humane and caring. In fact they aid and abet evasion of federal immigration statutes. The result is collusion by city officials with criminals seeking to escape detection and punishment.

Politicians who enact Sanctuary Cities are culpable for their actions. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and adamantly oppose any such irresponsible legislation here in Honolulu.

If it is passed and signed by Mayor Kirk Caldwell, as your next Mayor, I will insist that City Council immediately revoke this ordinance. Otherwise, I will file a suit in court to have it vacated as violative of federal statutes.

However, if the City Council will have a hearing on this bill now, I will personally prepare testimony in opposition to it. Public sentiment was instrumental in stopping the recent Hawaii Senate Bill to make Hawaii a Sanctuary State.

We can make our will known now. The City and County of Honolulu must ensure the safety and well-being of our community throughout O’ahu. If neighbor islands propose Sanctuary status, we will stand united with our friends and family there as they also prevent this mistaken abandonment of law and order.

Honolulu needs a Mayor who respects the law, enforces the law and works as a partner with state and federal agencies. Legal immigrants understand that queue jumpers violate our own sovereignty.

We all welcome visitors into our homes as long as they enter through the front door and don’t sneak through a window. Guests who come to dinner are not invited to move themselves and their families into our spare room.

Honolulu must not become a Sanctuary for those who disrespect our Ohana. Your Mayor must respect your voice in favor of HPD being able to continue doing their job without interference from politicians.

The good people of Hawaii fully comprehend what our current elected politicians do not. You and I know that becoming a Sanctuary State or a Sanctuary City is just plain wrong!

After a hurricane or when Madame Pele speaks, our Mayors and our Governor are eager to request and receive federal assistance. The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit voluntary cooperation among law enforcement agencies at all echelons of government.

ICE Agents and CBP Officers here on island are our family, friends and neighbors. They have a stake in the well-being of our community just as we all do. Their kids go to school with our kids. We are all on the same side. It’s time we recognize that fact and act accordingly.

We can’t do better than John Carroll who will stand up for us and our children when we elect him our next Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. Let John know you support his efforts to stop this Sanctuary City bill.

You can follow him in Twitter.

John Carroll Tweet

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Guns and Crime

Are illegal immigrant sex offenders becoming an epidemic?



Are illegal immigrant sex offenders becoming an epidemic

For the last five years, I’ve been visiting the CBP newsroom nearly every day. I also track crimes committed by illegal aliens. Anecdotally, I have seen a sharp increase in both the number of sexual assaults committed by illegal aliens and the number of convicted sexual predators being captured by border patrol.

Last month, I asked a question:

Why are so many child rapists crossing the border illegally?

Even Democrats who are sympathetic of economic migrants seeking a better life must acknowledge that crossing the border illegally makes it easier for child rapists to cross undetected. This isn’t a “right-wing conspiracy.” Based on the facts, this is an indisputable reality.

How many more children must be victimized by illegal aliens before Democrats start giving a damn? They claim to be compassionate, but that compassion does not extend to American citizens and the child victims of these monsters.

We’ve seen increases in the number of sex offenders committing crimes in Montgomery County, Maryland, since July 25. We’ve also seen alarming rise in news reports about sexual assaults committed by illegal immigrants in mainstream media. I say “alarming” not just because of the heinous nature of the crimes but also because it takes a lot to get mainstream media to talk about these things. They generally avoid the topic, even in local media, because it goes against the narrative being pushed by the left.

And yet reports keep coming in…

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Convicted Sex Offender, MS-13 Gang Member

EAGLE PASS, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents in Eagle Pass arrested a convicted sex offender and a confirmed MS-13 gang member this week.

“Agents are making significant criminal arrests along the border and we’ll seek prosecution of these individuals accordingly,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz. “U.S. Border Patrol agents remain vigilant and committed to safeguarding our communities.”

Agents apprehended Jesus Contreras-Covarrubias, 55, a citizen of Mexico, after he entered the United States illegally. During processing, records checks revealed that he was convicted in 1992 of felony sexual abuse, in Polk County, Oregon.

That was from today. And it wasn’t the only report from the CBP in today’s newsroom about the capture of sexual predators…

Repeat Sex Offender Arrested by Border Patrol in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. – U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported sex offender Monday near Sells.

Tucson Sector agents apprehended Adrian Castro-Garcia, a 33-year-old Mexican national illegally present in the country, late Monday evening. Castro-Garcia called 911 after he became lost in the desert after illegally crossing the international border. Agents quickly located him and provided medical attention.

Records checks revealed Castro-Garcia was convicted of sex with a minor in 2013 and again in 2014 by Los Angeles County, California. In both cases he was sentenced to more than 150 days of incarceration.

In both instances, Castro-Garcia was deported after serving time for his conviction.

At some point, the rise in sexual crimes allegedly committed by illegal immigrants will catch the eye of the White House. When it does, we will hopefully see the type of attention given to opioids and vaping. Hopefully.

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Supreme victory! Top court backs Trump’s asylum rules change for now



Supreme victory Top court backs Trumps asylum rules change for now

The fight to slow the flow of asylum-seeking migrants (and the criminal illegal aliens who often hide in their midst) gained access to a much-needed rules change Wednesday as the Supreme Court ruled against an injunction placed on the President’s asylum policy. With only two dissenters, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayer, this opens the door for the rule to be applied across the nation.

This is temporary, for now. Lifting the injunction does not make the rule permanent. It only allows the rule to stand while the court hears the whole case against it.

With this rule, asylum seekers can be denied instantly if they did not apply for asylum in the countries through which they traveled to get to the United States. This means nearly everyone from Central America, Africa, or anywhere else who went through Mexico to get to the United States can be denied asylum on the spot if they cannot demonstrate they first applied for asylum in Mexico and were denied.

Mexicans seeking asylum will not be affected by this rule.

The goal of the rule is to close the gap between initial screenings and hearings. Without the rule, the vast majority of those seeking asylum are granted access to a subsequent hearing. But most do not show up for this hearing and those who do are regularly denied because they are mostly economic migrants. Poverty is not a valid reason for granting asylum under U.S. and most international laws.

Asylum-seekers are using the old initial screening rules as a loophole that gets them released into the interior where the vast majority are never seen by the government again unless they’re caught committing other crimes. When they fail to show up for their asylum hearings, a removal order is almost always applied. Rather than playing cat and mouse with hundreds of thousands of migrants, this new rule allows the administration to stop them before they’re released to the interior.

The executive branch is granted broad powers over immigration by the Constitution. Unless the White House fails to make a solid case or a moderate Justice like John Roberts or Brett Kavanaugh decides to go against the President, this rule is likely to be made permanent.

With less hope of gaining access to the interior, this rule is very likely to dissuade many asylum-seekers from making the long journey to the United States border. We can expect border crossing apprehensions to drop in the coming months.

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Thomas Homan tears into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Again.



Thomas Homan tears into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Again.

Former acting Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Homan is no stranger to dealing with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He took her to school back in July and did so again, as conservative pundit Dan Bongino Tweeted today:

His frustration is evident as he deals with the freshman Congresswoman. She and other radical progressives among Democratic lawmakers have been on a tear trying to abolish ICE, CBP, and any law enforcement agencies who dare to do their job of keeping Americans safe from criminal illegal immigrants.

This latest round of “educate AOC” pointed out that she has a true hatred for the law enforcement agencies that keep us safe. Rather than rail against them constantly, she should be doing her job of legislating. If she has legislative solutions for border security, she has the power to try to get those solutions passed through Congress instead of constantly hate-mongering for social media effect.

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