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Exposed: Slave labor and torture in Communist China



Diodes are important components of most electrical devices we use today. The demand for inexpensive and reliable diodes has made them a hot commodity in China. But were the diodes in our devices created through slave labor? A newly surfaced undercover video shows how this may be possible.

China is well known for using forced, low-wage, or even slave labor in order to produce the massive amounts of products they provide to the world. They have the manpower and the infrastructure but in order to keep their prices low enough to entice the world, they cannot pay a proper wage to those performing the manual labor to produce many things. Straightening diodes is one of the most tedious jobs necessary, making it a prime candidate for the Chinese to indulge in slave labor for their production.

Gina Shakespeare at The Epoch Times explored this new video and detailed how the Chinese government is engaged in slave labor to produce diodes for the world. It’s time to find new economic partners.

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