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How to become a federal criminal: The most ludicrous laws in America



Did you know making obscene gestures towards a horse is a federal offense? How about selling Swiss cheese without holes? Selling llama poop? Feeding a pig trash that hasn’t been cooked by a license garbage cook?

These and so many other laws are on the books and they’re absolutely ridiculous. Some estimates put the current legal code at somewhere around 300,000 laws. That’s a far from from what was essentially three federal crimes at our nation’s founding.

In a new book called, How to Become a Federal Criminal: An Illustrated Handbook for the Aspiring Offender, criminal defense attorney Mike Chase breaks down the craziest federal laws currently being held over us. His Twitter account is both hilarious and infuriating.

This video interview by Reason lets Chase explain why the sheer size and total silliness of the current code is a problem. You may be breaking a federal law without even knowing about it.

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