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Let’s primary the seven Republican Congressmen who voted for amnesty



Following a spot-on take on the Democrats’ DREAMer amnesty bill that didn’t include anything for securing the border, I wanted to know which Republicans voted in favor of the bill. As noted, there were seven.

They were:

  • Don Bacon (NE)
  • Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)
  • Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
  • Will Hurd (TX)
  • Dan Newhouse (WA)
  • Chris Smith (NJ)
  • Fred Upton (MI)

Here are the seven Republican Congressmen who voted for amnesty

Arguably the top priority for the many people who responded to our call for top priorities to address by the American Conservative Movement is dealing properly with illegal immigration, and the DREAM and Promise Act of 2019 is a step in the opposite direction.

There are two main election goals our movement has for 2020. The obvious one is to install more conservatives into offices around the country, but that doesn’t always mean simply voting for the nearest available Republican. There are many in the GOP who are not conservatives and do not represent the people in a way that delivers solutions to our problems, including the border crisis. That’s why the first thing we will be doing is going after moderate and left-leaning Republicans in primaries and replacing them with actual conservatives.

With their support of the amnesty bill, these seven Republicans just jumped to the top of our list of to primary.

The tribal mentality that has spread across America in the last decade is toxic in many ways, but one of the biggest flaws of tribalism is drawing support for the wrong people based solely on the letter after their name on the ballot. Just because someone has a letter (R) after their name doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good. Conversely, just because someone has a (D) after their name… okay, maybe that does mean they’re bad.

The video above by Judge Jeanine tells it like it is. The challenges associated with the Democrats’ plans (supported by these seven weak Republicans) are existential in nature. Our sovereignty and our future are at stake.

The American Conservative Movement is intended to promote our nation’s exceptionalism and Republicans like these seven are not helping towards that goal. We need primary competitors to step up and kick them out.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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