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Weather Channel classifies Jerusalem as part of ‘State of Palestine’



Weather Channel classifies Jerusalem as part of State of Palestine

Jerusalem is in Israel. In fact, it’s the capital of Israel. The only people and organizations who claim otherwise are those who are so bent on forming a Palestinian state that they’re already calling Israel by that name and naming Israel as the capital of this nonexistent state.

Among those making such a claim are the Weather Channel app, which is the most used weather app in the world. It also happens to power Google’s weather reports. Thankfully, Google seems to be a little more attached to reality. Though there are reports that sometimes their weather app shows “Jerusalem, State of Palestine,” I couldn’t get those results.

I did, however, check for Jerusalem Weather and was served the screenshot above.

Israelis should obviously be outraged, but this is an issue for Americans as well. It represents the type of indoctrination and misinformation being passed around by progressives. It’s an example of the jamming techniques the left has been using for decades, but they’re getting much more aggressive in recent years. When they want something to be true even if it’s clearly false, they repeat the lie over and over again until it jams its way into becoming an accepted truth.

If you’ve heard of such techniques used before, you’re probably familiar with Nazi history. This was a trademark technique used by many members of Hitler’s regime.

This isn’t just a Weather Channel issue. It goes deeper, all the way to the next level puppetmasters at IBM. According to Fox News:

While television network component of The Weather Channel was last year acquired by media mogul Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios from The Blackstone Group, Bain Capital and Comcast/NBCUniversal, the digital assets including and its app remain under the umbrella of IBM’s The Weather Company division, which bought them in early 2016.

Whether you care about Israel or not, you should be outraged by the use of technology and mass disinformation to spread the lies of the left. It manifests on many levels. This is how they operate. Be aware.

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